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Is this the change the fans have been waiting for?

New Event Pass Changes on PBE

New Event Pass Hub on PBE
They layout looks good, but is this enough? | © BessWitsy via Twitter

2022 was supposed to be the year of improvement for the League of Legends events. However, with the season almost over, nothing has been done to change it. Is the upcoming pass hub what we need to enhance the event pass experience?

We all are familiar with Riot Games’ big event flop of the year, Star Guardian. Star Guardian was supposed to be the big event of 2022, and alongside the occasion, we got a storyline, music videos, a bunch of skins, and rewards. The event turned out to be a big disappointment for the fans as they were encountering issue after issue. 

But what happened? At the beginning of the year, it was revealed that Riot Games wanted to upgrade its event pass system. They then came out with Star Guardian, and almost everyone was disappointed. 

Now, with the League of Legends World Championship just around the corner, it looks like Riot is finally making some drastic changes by testing out a new event pass hub for the big event. But is this really what the fans were missing?

New Event Pass Hub on PBE

The new event pass hub can already be seen on League of Legends’ PBE. But before you are getting too excited, it looks more like another downgrade with a new fancy layout. 

According to BessWisty on Twitter, the new pass will include 4 Worlds 2022 Grab Bags, the 2022 Spirit Blossom Ward, 4 emotes, and 2100 tokens which you can earn up to level 50 in the event pass. After reaching level 50, you can unlock the infinite token missions.

  • Time for a new gaming chair, so you can start grinding the upcoming LoL events.

Will this Update Make Events Great Again? 

One of the fans’ main complaints about the event system has been the token and reward system, and this update does not seem to do anything about that. Instead, it looks like there are fewer rewards that are just placed in a new hub. 

At this point in time, it is hard to say if this is a step in the right direction to improve the League of Legends events, and we will have to see how fast a player can reach level 50 to figure this out.  

If Players can reach level 50 at a reasonable pace, this could be seen as an improvement. Still, judging from the more recent events, like Star Guardian and Steel Valkyrie, we don’t have great expectations.

To end on a good note, we can expect some great new Spirit Blossom skins to come alongside the Worlds 2022 event. Spirit Blossom is one of the fan-favorite skin collections in League of Legends, and having the skins make a comeback for the League of Legends World Championship is something many look forward to. 

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