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Who will perform at Worlds 2022?

Is Riot Working on More Music Groups for Worlds 2022?

K/DA Seraphine
Who is going to make music for Riot? | © Riot Games

Each year Riot puts on one hell of a show ahead of the League of Legends Finals. In 2018 it was the debut of K/DA and in 2019 the release of Akali's second group True Damage where she could explore some of her edgier music. But what does Riot have planned in 2022?

Last year, we got to witness a small taste of what was to come with Arcane and the year before then K/DA had their iconic comeback. Well, it could be that in 2022 we get some new music from a whole new set of artists, right? 


New Music Skins in Development

According to leakers, we could be seeing more music skins in the coming weeks. BigBadBear, a known leaker in the League of Legends community has repeatedly mentioned a type of music festival with multiple music skins. Is this something Riot is actually working on? 

We also had the mysterious message on a Chinese League of Legends broadcast about the potential comeback of our favorite League of Legends champion, Seraphine. Will she be the one to make a solo comeback this year or is Riot really going to be letting a whole new group debut ahead of this World Championship? 

LiL Nas X Visits Riot

Not too long ago images spread like wildfire of well-known rapper and musician Lil Nas X at Riot HQ. He posted multiple photos of himself and while he didn't outright say he was at Riot Games, from the background any League of Legends fan could tell that this was Riot HQ. 

With the rumors of a new music group being added, this sparked interest. Earlier this year, it was also hinted that Riot could be working on an emo group, though we don't know how likely it is that Lil Nas X will be part of a group like that. 

Though the Grammy Award-winning musician has branched out and showed his diversity in music, so maybe this is going to be a brand-new endavour for him. 


Lil Nas X to Voice New Champ?

Some rumors have also speculated whether Lil Nas X is going to voice the next League of Legends champion K'Sante, though I would personally debunk this, since Lil Nas X visited the studio in August, which is almost around the same time that the new champion was announced. 

But, the rumors of Lil Nas X making music with Riot could be true. Either they're going to be working on a new song for the opening, or Lil Nas X is going to be a part of the LoL Worlds anthem they bring out each year. Last year, it was PVRIS and the year before Jeremy McKinnon from A Day to Remember, so maybe Riot is going for a more Hip Hop vibe this year?