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The Biggest Disses In League of Legends

News 09-05-2024 11:30

What's better than teasing each other? Here you'll find the best and biggest disses in League of Legends.

Heartsteel kayn
Here are the biggest disses in LoL. | © Riot Games

There are different types of disses in League of Legends. On one hand, players can tease each other, but champions also occasionally annoy each other.

Champion Voicelines

Here we have listed the top 5 disses between champions for you.

5. Tahm Kench to Fiora

Let's start with a champion who isn't known for his friendliness. Tahm Kench always has a witty remark at hand. Some champions end up better off for it, while others not so much. Fiora seems to have drawn the short straw.

A duell is a fight between two imbeciles ... and you are the greatest.

4. Evelynn to Lucian

Evelynn is known for her manipulative and seductive personality. She'll do anything to get to her victims. Or is it just jealousy?

I've seen your wife, you can do better.

3. Samira to Draven

Psy Ops Samira
Is there anyone cooler than Samira? | © Riot Games

Samira is probably the most quick-witted woman in all of League of Legends. And Draven, well, he's the most self-absorbed. Only a dumb remark could come out of that. 

I know your type, Draven. The kind of man who's compensating for something. 

But it surely chipped away at Draven's ego.

2. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol may seem like a friendly dragon, but he clearly made it to second place. We've picked out three of his best disses for you.

Aurelion to Malphite

There is a saying on this planet - "Dumb as a rock". It's not a compliment.

I mean, he is telling the truth. 

Aurelion to Miss Fortune

You ... are going to kill ME? Dressed like that?

Miss Fortune wouldn't appreciate that at all. He should definitely brace himself for a few bullets.

Aurelion to Nasus

Bravo, Nasus, you've ascended yourself into a dog! Now fetch me something more interesting.

Fortunately, Nasus doesn't always take himself too seriously.

1. Aatrox

Odyssey aatrox
Aatrox is the king of disses. | © Riot Games

Aatrox is probably the champion who throws out the most, but also the best, disses. No one is safe from him. And Varus and Kayn seem to be his favorite targets. But see for yourself.

Aatrox to Camille:

Scissors for legs? Okay. I thought I had seen stupid designs before.

Aatrox to Varus:

We all agreed on the double 'A' thing, Varus. The double 'A' thing.

He even has another line where he mocks Varus for having only one "A" in his name. But Varus definitely fares better than Kayn.

Aatrox to Kayn:

A scythe? A scythe? Are you planning on murdering fields of wheat?!

Aatrox doesn't just ridicule Kayn's scythe once. Unlike his sword, the scythe does seem a bit ridiculous. Although we all know not to underestimate a Kayn.

But my favorite diss from Aatrox is when a player shows their Mastery.

Mastery, I must congratulate you. Obviously, your parents never had reason to.

If you'd like to read more voice lines, feel free to check them out here.

Player Disses

Let's move on to the disses that can make you rage-quit. However, we'll leave out the chat function.

Lol player scout
That's exactly how I look when someone pings me with the question mark. | © Riot Games


Emotes bring fun and joy to the game, but some players also use them to mock their teammates or opponents. Let's take a look at the most commonly used diss emotes.

5. Nothing Personal
Lo L Emote Nothing Personal
© Riot Games
This emote is often used against opponents. It mostly means 'Look how good I am compared to you.'
4. Wahaha
Lo L Emote Catch me if you can
© Riot Games
The laughing emotes are probably among the worst. They practically signal that you're being laughed at. There's hardly anything more humiliating.

3. Catch me if you can

Lo L Emote Catch me if you can correct
© Riot Games
Do I even need to explain this sticker? Sticking out your tongue is already an indication that you want to annoy someone. It's my absolute favorite!
2. D'pengu
D Pengu Emote
© Riot Games
Who doesn't know the typical Dab? It appears in every game and means roughly the same as the TF emote. But as long as you only do the Dab in the game and not in real life, it's not that cringe.
1. Nice
Thumbs Up Emote
© Riot Games
At number 1 is the old-time classic. This emote can actually be used for anything, but sometimes it has a certain undertone. Imagine you miss a minion and your mate gives you a thumbs up. I can already feel the pain.


While pings themselves aren't explicitly considered official disses, we still include them. After all, who hasn't experienced the moment when you miss a skill shot and immediately receive a ping?

Question Mark

Who hasn't done it before? Your teammates are doing something strange, and you're just like, 'WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING THERE?' And before you realize it, you've pinged the question mark. The question mark can be used for everything:

  • when you miss a minion, ping
  • when you die, ping
  • when you're playing jungle and haven't ganked after 5 minutes, ping

Even with the introduction of new pings, the question mark remains at the top.

Assist Me

Assist Me is also quite a toxic emote. While it's meant to simply signal that your teammates need help, it's often used to indicate to a teammate that they did NOT help.


The Retreat emote is often used to signal to teammates that they should stop playing League. Sometimes, an unfriendly message follows this ping in chat. However, the emote can also mean exactly what it's supposed to: Be careful and retreat. So the emote should not be misinterpreted.

League of Legends often provokes players and leads them to insult their teammates. Therefore, we want to tell you: Don't take the game too seriously and always be supportive of your fellow players!

Do you know any more disses from League of Legends? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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