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Which voices can we expect to hear in the new audiobook?

The Ruination Audiobook Will Be Voiced By the Original LoL Voice Actors

League of Legends Ruination
The cover of the new LoL book Ruination | © Riot Games

The new League of Legends is about to be released, and we are super excited to dive even deeper into the world of Runeterra. However, suppose you aren't much of the reading type and instead love to listen to Audiobooks. In that case, you can be extra excited with the recent news, as the author of Ruination recently revealed that the audiobook version is casted by the original League of Legends voice actors.

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you have probably heard about the upcoming League of Legends novel, Ruination. Looking at the book trailer, we can await a story with the main protagonist Kalista on her journey to protect her uncle and King, Viego. Both the characters mentioned are already part of the League of Legends universe and are both pretty popular in picks in their roles.

During a live stream event talking about the new book, the Ruination author, Anthony Reynolds, announced that the audiobook would be full-cast audio with all the champions present in the book being casted by the same voice actor as the champion in the game. This means we will have a return of some beloved voice actors from the game appearing in the audiobook. The news was not the main reason for the live stream, as they were talking more about the book generally, however, Spideraxe managed to clip the information from the live stream and spread the news on his Twitter.

 But now the question remains - which champion will be a part of Ruination and, thereby, which voice actors can we expect to hear in the book? For now, the only champions specifically mentioned being a part of the ruination book are Kalista and Viego

We can, therefore, at least assume these two voice actors to have an appearance in the upcoming novel. Kalista's voice actress is Misty Lee, who also occurred on the Ruination live stream.  Another voice that might be returning to the audiobook is Tresh. We believe this to be the case, as the book talks about "a vengeful warden," and who is that if not our chain warden, Tresh?

All in all, we believe that the story in Ruination will be a banger, and we are just waiting for the book to be released on September 6, 2022. Even though this story is mainly about Kalista, the League of Legends universe still has a lot of untold stories waiting to be told. 

I, for one, am just waiting to explore even more places in Runterra and go deeper into the different stories in the world. Which champions do you want to hear more about? 

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