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Three of the Four LEC Bot Laners at Worlds 2022 Will Be Teamless

News 10-11-2022 18:00
FNC Upset 1508
Who would have thought that Upset wouldn't find a team this offseason, eh? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends off season hasn't officially started yet, but it's already heating up. One of the most insane stats is definitely coming from the LEC where it seems like a bunch of star players won't have a home in the LEC come 2023. Who would have thought?

Especially after a season where the bot lane was more important than ever before, with picks like Zeri and Sivir lighting up the scoreboards, three of the four bot laners that made it to the 2022 League of Legends World Championship won't find a new team in 2023 and won't be coming back to the LEC. 


LEC 2023: Three ADC Players Team-less This Off-Season

G2 Esports Change Their LoL Team Dynamic for the Upcoming Season

It's been reported a while ago, but it seems like G2 Esports is looking for a completely fresh start... almost. Bringing back Mikyx as their support and changing things up in the jungle after a 'failed' season where they managed to make it to MSI in the spring and the World Championship. 

A staple of the team had been the young ADC Flakked who became a fan favourite quickly thanks to his pet duck and his insane plays. But it seems it wasn't enough, because judging by the rumours he could be replaced by Hans Sama who tried to make it to Worlds for NA this past season. 

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MAD Lions Bring Back Carzzy 

As reported already, the MAD Lions will be looking to bring back Carzzy for the 2023 season. Their current bot laner UNF0RGIVENwill have to try and find a new team, but – judging by his Twitter – he will not be coming back to the LEC this year. 

Unfortunately, I will not be playing LEC this next year. I think my biggest feeling is disappointment since I believe I had a great rookie year going to worlds and making 1st all-pro. Thanks for all of the support I received this year, I am going to make it back in one day.

Upset Teamless After the 2022 Season

One of the most shocking revelations is that Elias "Upset" Lipp won't be returning for the 2023 season either. He has carried Fnatic this past summer, especially towards the end when the bot lane meta was so important. Now it seems like we won't see him in 2023

Sadly the circumstances around this off season did not allow me to go to one of my desired places to compete. I will be grinding a lot of soloq here and in korea in the new season and probaly gonna stream quite a bit of it. I am confident in my return in great form.

Maybe we see him in the Summer Split or even one of the ERL regions, much like we saw of Rekkles in 2022? The options are open... maybe he will just enjoy his married life and become a streamer as well? Who knows, but it's still crazy to think that all of these bot laners, who made it to Worlds, won't make it to the LEC in 2023. 

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