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Wild Rift Adds New Feature that LoL Desperately Needs

News 01-12-2022 14:10
Wild Rift Lux
It would not be the worst if RIot added this into LoL as well .| © Riot Games

Riot Games just added a feature into Wild Rift that we absolutely NEED to have in League of Legends as well.

I think almost all of us have been in a situation where we have a teammate in your Ranked game who is the absolute worst. Whether they griefed super hard or were just a pain throughout the game, you are just so happy when it is over. 

But then, to your despair, you queue up with the same exact person you were happy to be done with after the last game, and now you are left with either sucking it up for another 20-40 minutes or dealing with the consequences of dodging. 

Now, Wild Rift fans can celebrate as Riot Games introduced a new feature called the Avoid List to help with situations just like this. 

What Is the Avoid List? 

The Avoid List was introduced into Wild Rift around two weeks ago and is there for players to have a more enjoyable time when playing their favorite game. 

Basically, after a game, Wild Rift players in rank Diamond and below can now put someone from the last game into their Avoid List. When a player is added to your Avoid List, they will no longer be matched with you in any of your Ranked games.

If you once have a team filled with griefers, I am sorry to let you down because you can only select up to three players to be in your Avoid List, so be selective with your choices, everyone!

Now, it looks like you cannot avoid a player forever, considering that the list will reset every Monday

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Why Is the Avoid List a Good Idea for LoL?

Even though we are happy to see this implemented in the mobile version of LoL, we have to wonder why Riot Games have not decided to do the same for League of Legends itself.

Most of us hate when we are in a similar situation as described above. There is really nothing worse than being stuck for a whole game with a person you were so happy to get rid of in the first place.

This is also good because you can also avoid players that aren't necessarily bad but is going through a rough losing streak. I mean, we have all been there, right? No hard feelings here. 

This feature isn't new in computer games generally, and you can also find similar features like this in top-rated games like Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV.

We just hope to see something similar to the WIld Rift feature coming into our beloved computer game, so we can get some breaks in our everyday struggles we find in Ranked. 

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