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Cloud9 Dominates 100 Thieves in the LCS Summer Finals 2022

Esports 13-09-2022 09:49
C9 LCS Champions 2022
Cloud9 hoisting the trophy after their victory against 100 Thieves | © Riot Games

After being tied for fifth in the regular season, Cloud9 goes undefeated through playoffs and becomes the North American Champions of 2022. 

Cloud9 takes the title as the best team in North America after a clear 3-0 vs. 100 Thieves. The team entered the arena as the clear fan favorite and showed us why by having every lane be on top of their game. With a mix of old legends returning to the stage, like Jensen, together with new stars, like Berserker, the Cloud9 roster finally made it to the top of the LCS. 

The C9 rookie on the bot lane, Berserker, performed exceptionally well, and the team trusted him entirely with drafting around him with picks like Zilean and Nocturne. As a result, he ended his final series with a whopping KDA of 23/1/24. Berserker might be new to the LCS scene, but he has gained some valuable experience from the LCK whilst he was a part of the T1 Challengers comp, playing in the LCK CL before being picked up by C9. 

Watch the final game of LCS Summer 2022 here: 

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As already mentioned, it wasn't only Berserker who showed what he was good for this series. Also, his Danish partner in the bot lane, Zven, was dominating on enchanter supports like Lulu and Yuumi and ended up with 49 assists out of the team's total of 58 kills throughout the series. As a former ADC himself, Zven has now managed to win an LCS title in two roles. 

100 Thieves already faced off C9 in the Upper Bracket Finals, where they lost 3-1. They did, however, manage to earn a spot back into the LCS finals after a close series against Evil Geniuses ending 3-2 for 100 Thieves.

With the LCS being over for Summer, we now look forward to Worlds 2022, and we already know the different groups. It might seem that 100 Thieves' second place has been relatively good for them in some way, as Cloud9 ends up with some of their group's biggest competitors from the LCK and LPL. 

Cloud9 - Group A100 Thieves - Group D
T1 Gen. G
EDward GamingCTBC Flying Oyster

100 Thieves might not have it much easier with having one of the favorites for Worlds 2022 as the first seed in their group, Gen.G. But at least they are facing a team from PCS, a smaller region, which makes it more likely to beat them in a run for a spot in groups.

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