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Worlds 2023: T1 And JDG Semi-Final Hits New Highs

News 12-11-2023 18:10

T1 is moving onto the 2023 League of Legends World Championship Finals, but to get there they had to beat the one team no one thought they could beat. But they did so, with an insane amount of viewers watching.

Faker worlds 2023 semi finals
Worlds 2023: The viewership numbers are crazy. | © Riot Games

Faker and T1 are moving on to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship Finals to face off against Weibo Gaming. This is going to be the sixth League of Legends Worlds finals for the veteran mid laner and all eyes are on T1 as they move onto the final match. 

The semi-finals were a tight affair with back and forth games that once again show the superiority of the blue side at the tournament. But, what is even more insane is the viewership numbers for this World Championship. 

LoL Worlds 2023: JDG vs. T1 Is The Most Watched Semi-Final Of All Time

Guma keria semi finals worlds 2023
They look happy to be meeting NewJeans! | © Riot Games

The semi-finals are over, and the viewership numbers are in. T1 and JDG, two known rivals, went head-to-head to see who would meet Weibo Gaming in the Finals. The semi-finals, according to stats site esports charts, managed to rake in over 4.3-million peak viewers. 

These numbers come from various streaming sites like AfreecaTV, Kick, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube, but do not incorporate the numbers of Chinese streaming sites like Doyu and BiliBili. 

It's still insane to see just how many people tuned in to watch the semi-finals between T1 and JDG, especially comparing it to the previous day when Weibo Gaming played BiliBili Gaming. The peak viewership of the first semi-final was at 2.2-million. 

Looking at the viewership of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, we've also almost reached the peak viewership of the finals from then, with DRX vs. T1 garnering just over 5-million peak viewers. 

So, with numbers like 4.3-million coming out during the semi-finals it'll be insane to see just how many viewers the finals can rake in for this year between the two best teams of the tournament thus far. 

Make sure to watch the 2023 League of Legends World Championship finals on Sunday, November 19 on whatever platform you want or through whichever co-stream you like, because this match is going to be a banger. 

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