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The new champion, all buffs and nerfs and other changes

LoL Patch 13.18 Notes: Briar's Release, Street Demon Skins And Everything You Need To Know

Patch Notes 13-09-2023 16:25

League of Legends Patch 13.18 is here! As expected, it is going to be another pro-skewed patch, since Worlds 2023 is inching closer and closer. However, the non-pro aspects of this patch should not be ignored – we are being joined by Briar, the hungriest League of Legends champion ever!

Street demon zyra
LoL Patch 13.18: The Street Demon skin line is making its debut in League of Legends. | ©Riot Games

What else can we look out for? LoL Patch 13.18 sees the next instance of Clash, everyone's favorite community tournament! Make sure to be well prepared by carefully reading the patch notes. You would not want to be caught offguard by our freshly buffed champions!

LoL Patch 13.18: Buffs and Nerfs

Last year, the League of Legends World Championship was played on Patch 12.18. This year, Worlds 2023 will be played a patch later – on Patch 13.19. There has to be a sense of urgency in the LoL balance team to come up with an entertaining and hopefully diverse meta during the biggest esports event of the year. 

Champion Nerfs

Blood Moon Tryndamere
Tryndamere has been too good after his recent range buff, so it iss time to nerf him. | © Riot Games

Riot is going to be nerfing some champions that were a bit too OP after either getting buffed in the previous patch, or have just been a staple in pro play throughout the last few seasons. 

Jarvan IV

Following the recent changes to Goredrinker and Spear of Shojin, Jarvan has emerged as an exceptionally strong choice in the jungle. Rather than immediately implementing a nerf, Riot held off until Patch 13.18 to evaluate which elements of his kit required fine-tuning.

  • P - Martial Cadence
    • Target's Current Health Bonus Damage: 8% >>> 6%


Kayn has seen some recent nerfs to tune down his Shadow Assassin form. Although it affected both versions of Kayn, the buff to Goredrinker ensures that Rhaast, who leans towards this mythic item, remains at the top of the jungle tier lists. The Darkin Scythe has now overstepped the limits, so it is time for some nerfs. 

  • P - Darkin Scythe
    • Healing: 20-30% >>> 25%
  • R - Umbral Trespass
    • AD Ratio: 13% per 100 AD >>> 10% per 100 AD


Rell has dominated both as a jungler and support, notably in professional matches. As the League of Legends World Championship approaches, Riot plans to reduce her mobility in the next update, affecting her roaming capabilities.

  • E - Full Tilt
    • Move Speed: 15-25% >>> 12-20% (doubled when running toward an enemy or your target)


This change is likely to spark some debate. In the last update, Riot increased Tryndamere's attack range by 50 but decreased his attack damage. However, the minor damage reduction didn't prevent Tryndamere from becoming overwhelmingly powerful. Riot believes that balancing Tryndamere around this increased attack range is the way forward, so they won't undo it, but will make other tweaks to the champion.

Given his kit is still 80% about auto attacking, he will still be one of our more statchecky/binary champions (possibly still the most), but the goal of the changes is to move power budget out of his actual damage when attacking and more into using his spacing tools smartly.

Whether the changes to his base stats will allow for him to be more vulnerable in lane, especially early, is going to be seen when Patch 13.18 is released.

  • Base Stats
    • Attack Damage: 68 >>> 66
    • Health per Level: 115 >>> 108


Xayah stands out as a reliable choice in the bot lane currently, and her prominence in several League of Legends regional playoffs showcases her worth. In response, Riot intends to dial her back before Worlds so that she does not make it into every single champion select.

  • Base Stats
    • Base Health: 660 >>> 630
    • Health Grwoth: 102 >>> 107
  • E - Bladecaller
    • Cooldown: 11-9 >>> 13-9

Champion Buffs

Worlds Kennen
Kennen is going to be much better, but is this enough? | © Riot Games

There are a few champions on the buff list this time around, many champions that we will likely be seeing at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. 


  • R - Vanguard's Edge
    • Cooldown: 140-100 >>> 125-85


Lead Designer of the League Balance Team, Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison gave a quick explanation for the Gwen jungle buffs in this patch, stating that she "adds value to the ecosystem as an AP". Of course, the team will monitor the buffs to make sure she won't be completely OP. 

  • Base Stats
    • Health Growth: 109 >>> 115
    • Monster Damage Cap: 6 + 10% AP >>> 10 + 15% AP


  • R - Riftwalk
    • AP Scaling: 40% >>> 60%


  • E - Lightning Rush
    • Energy Cost: 100-80 >>> 80
  • R - Slicing Maelstrom
    • Cooldown: 120 >>> 120-80


  • Basic Stats
    • Critical Strike Damage: 91.5% >>> 100% (now deals the same bonus crit damage as everyone else who is not named Jhin or Ashe)
  • W - Last Embrace
    • AoE hits now count towards Passive – Absolution proc


  • W - Dark Passage
    • Shield: 50-130 + 1.5 per Soul >>> 50-130 + 2 per Soul

Champion Adjustments 


Astronaut Bard
Bard has already received some Quality of life changes on patch 13.18. | © Riot Games

Bard has not seen a lot of professional play in recent years. Riot want to change that.

The goal of these changes is to make Bard generally feel better to play by improving the usability of W and enhancing his roaming fantasy when collecting distant chimes.

It will be interesting to see, how these changes might impact Bards play- and win rate after the introduction of Patch 13.18. 

  • P - Traveler's Call
    • Out of combat movement speed from chime collection
      • Stack Maximum: 5 >>> 10
      • Stack Duration: 7 seconds >>> 20 seconds
  • W - Caretaker's Shrine
    • Spell now uses charges, maximum of 2
    • Recharge Time: 14 seconds >>> 18 seconds
    • Shrine Charge Time to Full Heal: 10 seconds >>> 5 seconds
    • Shrine Movement Speed: 30% decaying over 1.5 seconds >>> 20% + 2.5% per rank + 0.05% AP decaying over 1.5 seconds

By looking at these changes, it is to be expected that Bard might be even better at roaming than before. The increased movement speed will surely help to gather his chimes and be back on the lanes, if dangers occur. Also, the reduced charge time on his healing shrine should help him to stay longer on the lane than before.

System Changes In LoL Patch 13.18

Galactic Azir
Azir with Crown is a little too good. | © Riot Games

Item Adjustments

Crown of the Shattered Queen

The Poise passive of the item has been removed, due to it only ever being used, to it's full extent, in pro play rather thana cross all elos. So, Riot will remove it for now. 

  • AP: 70 >>> 85 (90 to 105 for Ornn upgrade)
  • [REMOVED] Poise (10-40 AP during Safeguard)
  • Damage Reduction: 75% for 1.5 seconds >>> 40% for 2.5 seconds

Statikk Shiv

  • Attack Damage: 45 >>> 50
  • Electroshock Minion Damage: 250-350 >>> 200

Since Statikk Shiv has been a bit too strong in the wave clear department, it'll be nerfed in that regard. However, it is still underdelivering in combat stats, so Riot want to help crit champions to compensate for the wave clear nerf. Take a bow, Yasuo and Yone mains.

Item Buffs


The balance team wants to give players more options for first buys in League of Legends, which is why they're going to buff this item. 

  • Attack Damage: 50 >>> 55

Item Nerfs

Spear of Shojin

After some buffs in the last patch, the item became a bit too storng, so Riot is toning down the damage a bit more. 

  • Attack Damage: 60 >>> 55

LoL Patch 13.18: Briar Will Arrive On The Rift!

In the last couple of days many rumors were circulating about the possible reveal of League of Legends newest addition to its champion roster, Briar. And now it's official, Briar the Restrained Hunger, a vampire like champion will arrive in Summoner's Rift with LoL Patch 13.18.

Briar is making her debut on Patch 13.18! | © Riot Games

Her champion concept is truly interesting, since it revolves around her HP Pool, resistances and life steal, so things you could await from a vampire. Her ability kit also involves two get closer abilities and a lot of damage, which surely will make her one of the uniquest designed champions in League of Legends.

It will be interesting to see her performance on the live servers. If you want to learn more about her abilities, backstory and the creating process, check out this post!

LoL Patch 13.18: New Street Demon Skins

Street demon brand
Street Demon Brand is straight fire! |©Riot Games

And as always, there are several new skins announced for Patch 13.18. This time they will have a rather urban look to them and will feature some champions, that clearly need another skin. So for LoL Patch 13.18, Riot announced the Street Demon Skin line.

So, these are the Champions with a Street Demon skin so far,

  • Street Demon Brand
  • Street Demon Rengar
  • Street Demon Neeko
  • Street Demon Zyra
  • Street Demon Dr. Mundo
  • Street Demon Briar

All these skins will have the Epic Tier rank and cost 1350 RP in the shop. Save some Riot Points and be patient, because you clearly don't want to miss out on this badass skin line. 

Also with Patch 13.18, there will be the introduction of the Taliyah Crystalis Motus Skin to the game. This one will be a special skin of LoL Patch 13.18 and is purchasable for 100 Mythic Essence in the Mythic shop.

These are all changes currently being tested on the League of Legends PBE, but there is certainly more to come! Make sure to check back in a few days!

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