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LoL PBE Patch 12.23 | All Changes on the PBE Server Right Now

Patch Notes
Winterblessed Warwick
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The preseason has just begun and it's been insane. The amount of changes on the PBE server that will be seeing some updates and fixes is... a lot. But, what other changes does Riot have planned and which champions will be getting some major updates? Let's go over the LoL PBE Patch 12.23 right now. 

If you're a Zeri fan, then you've been suffering these last few months. But don't worry Riot is going to give her some buffs and changes to try and make her playable in solo queue without being too overbearing in pro play either. So let's go over every single change on the PBE server right now. 

LoL PBE Patch 12.23: Zeri Changes Coming Soon

Zeri's infinite movement speed scaling, as well as her AP ratios have made her one of the most dominant champions halfway through the year, especially in pro play where she led the charge against Sivir who was the other top tier bot lane pick throughout the summer. 

Well, now Riot is going to take away from of the AP damage, exchanging it with physical damage, as well as making it harder for her to infinitely use her ultimate, continuously stacking movement and attack speed. So, let's go over the exact changes that you will encounter in LoL Patch 12.23. 

LoL PBE Patch 12.23 Zeri Ability Changes 

Base Stats

  • Move Speed: 325 --> 330
  • Base AD: 50 --> 53
  • Base Armor: 20 --> 24
  • Base Health: 600 --> 630
  • Attack Speed Ratio: 0.568 --> 0.625
  • HP Per Level: 109 --> 115

Basic Attack

  • Fully Charged Damage: 90-200(+90%AP)(+1-15% Target Max Health) --> 90-200(110%AP)(1-15% Target Max Health)

Living Battery (P)

  • Gotta Zip Shield Bonus: 10% multiplicative Movement Speed --> 10% MS
  • Duration: 3s --> 2s

Burst Fire (Q)

  • Range: 825 --> 750
  • Excess AS to AD Ratio: 60% --> 70%
  • Base Damage: 8/11/14/17/20 --> 15/18/21/24/27
  • AD Ratio: 100/105/110/115/120% AD --> 104/108/112/112/116/120% AD

Ultrashock Laser (W)

  • Damage Type: Magic --> Physical
  • Damage: 20/55/90/125/160(+100%AD)(+40%AP) --> 20/60/100/140/180(+130%AD)(+0%AP)
  • Cast Time: 2.5xAttack Time --> 0.55s-0.3s (based on AS)
  • Missile Speed: 2200 --> 2500
  • Beam Cast Time: 0.75s --> 0.85s

Spark Surge (E)

  • Mana Cost: 80 --> 90/85/80/75/70
  • Cooldown: 24/22.5/21/19.5/18s --> 22/21/20/19/18s
  • [NEW EFFECT] For the next 5s, Zeri's Burst Fire does an additional magic damage to the first enemy hit and pierce targets
  • Bonus Magic Damage: 20/22/24/26/28(+20%AP)(+12% bonus AD)
  • [NEW] Deals up to 65% bonus damage on Critical Strike CHance
  • Pierce Damage Falloff: 60/70/80/90/100% --> 80/85/90/95/100%
  • Ability/attack damage reduce the cooldown of Spark Surge (E) by 0.5s (1.5s for critical strikes)
  • Rveal Range Through Walls: 850 --> 1500

Lightning Crash (R)

  • [REMOVED] Bonus Magic Damage
  • Chain Lightning Range: 450 --> 650
  • On0Cast Magic Damage: 150/250/350(+80%AP)(+80% bonus AD) --> 175/275/375(+110%AP)(+100% bonus AD)
  • If R hits at least one champion, Zeri gains 10% movement speed, 30% attack speed, and chain shots ofr 5s. Hitting champions refreshes this buff by 1.5s (up to 5s total)
  • Hitting champions grants Zeri 1 stack (3 per crit) of Overcharge for 1.5s. Zeri gains 0.5% movement speed for each stack of Overcharge (stacking infinitely)

These are some pretty hefty changes, but at least these will make Zeri an actual champion again. her base stats getting some love is also key since she's been one of the lowest win rate champions recently, scrounging up a mere 42%, but with these updates she might make it into relevancy once more. 

This might not be Zeri, but the newest champion is K'Sante... so let's check out how to counter the big guy:

Dr. Mundo Proposed Update in LoL Patch 12.23 

On the PBE we've got some more changes though. This one is to our dear friend Dr. Mundo. He's a great top lane champion, but also decent in the jungle. But he has been struggling ever since Riot released his VGU in 2021. His W has been haled as one of the worst abilities in the game and now Riot is finally going to do something about it to try and fix him. 

Dr. Mundo Changes on PBE Server 12.23

Base Stats

  • AD per Level: 3.5 --> 3
  • Base Magic Resist: 32 --> 29
  • Magic Resist per Level: 2.050 --> 2.3

Goes Where he Pleases (P)

  • Cannister Current Health Loss: 7% --> 3%
  • Cannister Max Health Heal --> 8% --> 4%
  • Max Health Regen per 5s --> 0.8-1/6% (linear progression) --> 0.4-2.5 (non-linear progression equal at level 11)

Infected Bonesaw (Q)

  • Health Cost: 50 --> 60

Heart Zapper (W)

  • Health Cost: 5% current Health --> 8% current Health
  • Gray Health Heal (No Hit): 0% --> 50%
  • Damage Stored as Gray Health: 25/30/35/40/45% --> 80-95% based on level in the first 0.75s, then 25% thereafter
  • Duration: 4s --> 3s

Blunt Force Trauma (E)

  • Passive Bonus AD: 15/20/25/30/35 + 25/30/35/40/45 based on missing health --> 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5% max Health
  • [Removed] Instantly push small jungle monsters
  • Monster Damage: 200% --> 250%

Maximum Dosage (R)

  • [Removed] Bonus AD
  • Missing Health as Max Health: 8/11.5/15% --> 15/20/25%
  • [Added] At Rank 3, both healing effects (R regen and base health gain) are increased by an additional 5% per nearby champion
Tahm Kench Arcana Skin
Unbench the Kench. | © Riot Games

Champion Buffs & Nerfs on LoL PBE Server 12.23

Tahm Kench Changes on LoL PBE Server 12.23

Tahm Kench will also be getting some big changes this coming patch. He is going to have much more AP scaling in his kit, but will these proposed changes really help him out when it comes to his wave clear, which is his biggest issue when playing him as a top laner?

Sure, Tahm is a very strong top lane early champion, but he falls off in the later stages of the game, so we're wondering whether these changes will truly impact him or whether Riot is just confused about their own champion. 

An Acquired Taste (P)

  • Damage now scales with 2% AP per 100 bHP

Tongue Lash (Q)

  • AP ratio increased from 90% to 100%

Abyssal Dive (W)

  • AP ratio increased from 125% to 150%

Devour (R)

  • Shield now decays by 200 per second instead of lasting 2.5 seconds
  • Damage AP ratio increased from 5% per 100 AP to 7% per 100

Kassadin Quality of Life Updates on PBE Patch 12.23 

Kassadin is also going to be getting some quality of life updates. Riot is looking to make him an impactful pic and give him some more survivability. Add in the new item Rod of Ages and you've got a great champion once more. Does this mean we will finally see some epic Kassadin outplays again in pro play come 2023? 

Q - Null Sphere

  • Shield granted on spell cast rather than when the missile leaves his hand (small buff to make parry more reliable)
  • +20 Shield per Rank: 60/90/120/150/180 --> 80/110/140/170/200
  • -10% Shield AP Ratio: 40% --> 30%

E - Force Pulse

  • Spell no longer locked out and requiring nearby spell casts
  • Nearby spell casts reduce the Cooldown by 1 second
  • Cooldown: 5 --> 21/19/17/15/13
Ashen Knight Mordekaiser
Mordekaiser is looking fire! | © Riot Games

New Skins & Mythic Content on PBE Patch 12.23 

There is also going to be some exciting new skins, as well as cool new mythic content making its way onto the rift in LoL Patch 12.23. Currently, you can test the upcoming Winterblessed skins, as well as the final Ashen Knight skin for Mordekaiser on the PBE server. 

Final Ashen Knight Skin Revealed

The final Ashen Knight skin was officially revealed by Riot. It's going to be a skin for none other than Mordekaiser and finally the fans are getting what they'd hoped for when the Ashen Knight skin line was revealed. Mordekaiser fits perfectly into this dark world and the skin looks incredible. 

This will be the final skin in the Ashen Knight skin line for now. Riot might look to make this skin line a permanent and normal one in the future. What theme we might get for 2023 has not been revealed yet. 

Winterblessed Skins Revealed on PBE Patch 12.23

We will also be getting some new winter-themed skins in the coming weeks. Winterblessed are a new winter skin line that will take us to icy tundras. Diana will also finally receive her first legendary skin and let's be real, this is a skin unlike any other and if you manage a pentakill you even get the winter wonder map back. 

These are all the champions receiving Winterblessed skins: 

  • Winterblessed Zilean
  • Winterblessed Zoe
  • Winterblessed Shaco
  • Winterblessed Swain
  • Winterblessed Diana
  • Winterblessed Warwick
  • Winterblessed Warwick Prestige Edition

Big ARAM Changes Coming in LoL Patch 12.23

Finally we have to address all the upcoming LoL ARAM changes that are currently being tested on the PBE Patch 12.23. The map will be changed, as well as new interactions with things like towers. Oh, and we get more bushes, but the best part will definitely be the hexgates that will connect you from your base to the outermost tower. 

Check out all the ARAM Changes right here: 

Overall, there are quite a few changes and updates, as well as balance changes thanks to all the LoL 2023 preseason changes as well. Seriously guys, you've got a lot of reading and testing to do. Did we mention that the new TFT set will also drop in LoL Patch 12.23? Crazy, eh? 

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