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LoL Season 14: Fans Predict Major Champion Changes Amidst Mythic Removal

News 30-10-2023 17:40

For LoL Season 14, Riot is going to be removing mythic items. The experiment failed and it's time to get rid of them, but some players are worried over a huge champion overhaul as well. 

Spirit Blossom Aphelios
LoL Season 14: Some fans believe that there will be some big champion reworks. | © Riot Games

In the upcoming LoL Patch 13.22, Riot is going to be making some big changes to Janna. Some players believe that she is getting her millionth mini-rework due to the removal of mythic items in LoL Season 14

The changes to Janna have some players also thinking that she isn't the only champion that will be getting major adjustments in the preseason or even before to make sure that there is a smooth transition between the two item systems. 

LoL Season 14 Item Changes Will Impact Champion Balance As Well 

Project Zeri Wild Rift splash
Zeri might need some major changes as well without mythic items around, right? | © Riot Games

Janna is one of the best champions in the support role right now, but she's consistently on a high level due to her ease of play. Therefore, a win rate hovering around 51% is nothing new for the enchanter. 

Going into LoL Patch 13.22, Riot will buff her Q and make major adjustments to her passive, giving her more power and damage, something the community is welcoming with open arms. 

Others believe that this is being done due to the upcoming change to the item system in League of Legends. Players believe that Janna is going to be way too strong without mythic items and that her heal and shield power could blow up by stacking mere healing and shielding items, instead of having one major mythic item she can only purchase. 

When Were Mythic Items Added To League of Legends?
Mythic items were introduced to League of Legends in the preseason update for Season 11, released in November 2020. They were added to revamp itemization, providing distinct and impactful choices for players.

These types of problems will affect multiple other champions though as well, especially all of the ones that have been released post-mythic item addition like Vex, Gwen or Renata Glasc. 

These are all champions that have never had to be balanced around a system which didn't include mythic items, so there will likely be some major shifts in power as Season 14 takes hold, and most players are expecting some adjustments to multiple champions as well. 

So, which champions do you guys think could be impacted the most by the removal of mythics and will see some adjustments to their kits? My bet is on Aphelios. The champ cannot exist without the dash in Galeforce. 

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