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Riot Needs to Change the LoL Worlds Formats

Esports 18-10-2022 21:15
Lo L Worlds 2022 group stage
The format needs to be improved. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship is moving into it's next phase, but one thing fans have wanted is more games. League of Legends is at it's finest when there is action and insane back-and-forths. Just look at how insane the TES vs GAM game was. So, what offers that? Bo3s or Bo5s. 

That's why to have more games, a lot of fans are hoping that Riot will switch it up in the coming year and give us more games, so that six best of ones don't decide the fate of a team that is used to playing best of threes. 


Fans Want More Games and Less Bo1s at the LoL Worlds

Best of ones are currently the main type of games we get to watch at the League of Legends World Championship. The Group Stage has the most games and includes the most teams, and yet fans have to sit through mere best of ones, which has many thinking that there is a better solution. 

A lot of fans have also griped about the fact that there is no double elimination bracket. From the LPL, LEC and LCS playoffs we have seen how impactful a lower bracket run can be in terms of momentum, as well as hype. 

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What Can Riot Do For Future World Championships? 

Add Double Elimination to the LoL World Championship

Adding in a lower bracket, even if Riot was to keep the best of one format for the group stage could make a huge difference. By giving teams a chance to come back in a lower bracket run, hype and excitement builds and fans get to witness more games, as well as view more games – and Riot can sell more merch and tickets... 

Looking at the format for Dota 2's TI we can see just how much better it is than the current format of the League of Legends World Championship. It seems like Riot doesn't want to have games during the week though and focus on weekend games, but when looking at all other sports leagues, then their playoffs also have games on weekdays and fans show up – with the NFL being one exception, but they usually have most of their games only on weekends anyways. 

Therefore, the worry of having games only during the weekends isn't a necessity. Having games start at 7 PM like any other sports match, or even earlier at 6PM could still ensure that fans show up to the arena to watch. 

Teams Don't Need One Week to Prep

It has also been shown in the playoffs that teams do not need an entire week to prep. Yes, it is better for them to get more information and practice time in, but if the teams have around the same time of prep between games against one another it would still be fair, whether that is one or two days, or five. 

Faker Worlds 2022 vs EDG
Can we just get more Faker games? | © Riot Games

More Games in the Group Stage 

This one could be controversial, but the fact that a team's whole season comes to a halt because of six group stage best-of-one games seems hardly fair. Teams have fought to get to this point. 

By adding more games to the Group Phase it would make it more exciting for teams and also let them get a better read on the on-stage meta, since sometimes things that seem strong in scrims seem awful on stage. 

Riot can either add more rounds of best of ones or have the group stage be played out in best of three series, or like at Dota 2's TI have best-of-twos and add in ties as well. 

Overall, the current League of Legends World Championship format just seems old and outdated and doesn't do the biggest esports event any favours. We want more games and we need a double elimination bracket. Riot has one in VALORANT, so why not LoL? 

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