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Who survives?

The Ultimate League of Legends Zombie Apocalypse Tier List

Shaun of the Dead
Who survives and who becomes a Zombie? | © Universal Pictures/Riot Games

It's time again to check out the entire cast of League of Legends and how they would survive a specific situation. Of course, we've done this before with horror movies, looking to figure out who could potentially survive a killer or ghost chasing them. Today we're living through a zombie apocalypse. 

Nothing is scarier than waking up to a world filled with mindless, hungry beasts whose sole purpose is to gnaw at your brain. Survival instinct kicks in, but who is smart enough to survive, who betrays their group, and who becomes a dictator amongst the anarchy on Runeterra? Let's figure out how the League of Legends champions would fare in a zombie apocalypse. 


The Survivors

First and foremost we have to check out who the survivors of this ordeal are. Who is going to live through the apocalypse and make it to the end of it all? Champions like Nunu, Zoe and Annie are going to create their own survival fraction of children, creating a child-dystopia amongst the zombies, working together to survive and live on. Of course, Annie would be the leader of this child government. 

Thresh also seems like a likely survivor. Even though we would hate him as a character in this hypothetical zombie apocalypse, he is going to survive to the end thanks to him being an asshole. He won't look out for others, just himself, making sure he survives until the end, which is why we pegged him as a survivor as well. 

Fiddlesticks, Ivern,  Galio, Malphite and Maokai would just survive because well... they're inanimate objects. Would a zombie really think to attack a scarecrow or a tree? Hardly, those things aren't smart enough for that, so by virtue we've got a whole group of survivors there. 

Zombie Survivors
These guys won't let a few zombies kill them. | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

Those Who Become Zombies

We have a long list of those who become zombies as well in this hypothetical zombie apocalypse. Of course, we've got champions like Kled on the list who will blindly surge into battle, yelling out war cries, thinking they'll be able to survive anything. 

Then there are champions like Lee Sin who are blind and won't even be able to see the zombies coming. We also get the feeling that other champions won't really be wanting to help the blind monk out, meaning he's going to walk straight into a horde of zombies... RIP. 

Do we even need to explain why Yone and Yasuo are also on the list? They're two of the most unpopular champions and everyone will make sure to get these two bitten just to get rid of them. So, say goodbye to the wind brothers, neither is going to survive, but they'll put up a damn good fight. 

Who is going to get bitten? | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

Patient 0 - The One Who Starts off the Zombie Apocalypse

Does this one even need any explanation. At first, we thought that patient 0 could be Singed. An experiment could have gone wrong, blown up in his face and turned him into a kill hungry zombie, but as we went down the list of champions another, much more obvious answer slapped us in the face. 

Of course, none other than Sion would be patient 0. Guys, he turns into a zombie in the game! Of course, this means that if we're looking to someone to blame this outbreak on, then it would, of course, be none other than Sion. 

Patient 0
Of course it's Sion. | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

Who Becomes Pregnant and Who Sacrifices Themselves? 

Since a zombie apocalypse doesn't just last a day or two, we've also got a few champions who will get frisky during this time and who knows how handy contraceptives are during such a time, so of course, we've also got a few champions who will probably end up pregnant. 

Lux is an obvious answer since Ezreal will do anything to impress her – even during a zombie apocalypse – and well at one point Lux is going to give in, right? Right. We've got other champions like Katarina who is also going to be doing the deed during this time with Garen, now that Noxus and Demacia have other issues than their own petty wars. 

Of course, some champions are also going to be sacrificing themselves for the greater good or their lovers, like Leona who will likely take a bite so Diana could live on, or even Ezreal who jumps in front of a pregnant Lux to save her from a zombie onslaught. It's all pretty dramatic, but that's just how a zombie apocalypse is. 

Zombie Apocalypse
This seems accurate if you ask me. | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

The Leaders and Dictators of the Zombie Apocalypse

Of course, we cannot have a good zombie story without leaders and dictators. Some will take the time of anarchy and use it to their advantage, building small communities over which they rule with an iron fist. Champions like Renata Glasc and Swain stand out in that aspect, as they will take the power given to them and do anything and everything to keep a hold of that power... and if that means someone has to be sacrificed to zombies, well then so be it. 

On the other hand, Ashe, Diana and Jarvan IV seem like champions who will try to lead by example, trying to regain some semblance of normalcy in such a world of zombies left, right and center. How well that would work out is unknown. 

Zombie Leaders
Who else would be a good leader? | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

Who Are the Other Characters? 

In the last categories we've accumulated certain characteristics for champions and what would happen to them in this situation. Champions like Jinx would go in for the kill, only to accidentally shoot themselves. Seraphine would also shoot herself in a desperate attempt to defend herself. Which of the two would survive this wound? Of course, Jinx, while Seraphine dies. 

We've also got multiple backstabbers who will be doing anything and everything to survive. Samira would follow the money, helping out a dictator like Swain, while on the surface being there for a leader like Ashe. Of course, these champions would survive, but you would hate them for it.

Finally, there are also going to be lonesome hoarders who take any and every resource for themselves. Need drinking water? Aurelion Sol has got it. Will he share it with you? In your dreams peasant. These are characters you'll hardly see in the zombie apocalypse as they survive in their own holes somewhere all on their lonesome. 

Zombie the rest
Sorry animals.... you're not surviving this apocalypse. | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

This is our ultimate zombie apocalypse tier list, which champions do you think will survive, and who would definitely die from a zombie bite right away? Elise will try to be sneaky and turn into a spider, only to be stepped on by one of the survivors. At least that's my head cannon in this situation.