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The Hardest Mid Lane Champions to Master

Akali - Hardest Champion
Akali makes your life difficult. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is one of the most popular games online. There are so many champions to play and master. Some are extremely fun, while others are actually quite easy to play and will help any beginner.

But now we’re going to check out the champions that are the hardest to master. Which champions will totally wreck you when you’re in low elo and you still don’t understand what a skill shot is.

Hardest Champions to Master

3. Akali

Akali is one of the hardest champions to master. She’s an insanely high skillcap champion, because she requires you to basically know how to combo her attacks together. You won’t just throw out a Q at your opponents, instead you have to time everything perfectly with your passive.

Akali is also a very squishy champion and if you don’t know how to evade ganks, the opposing jungler will likely visit your lane over and over again. So, if you’re looking to master her, go right ahead, just know that the first games on Akali will likely be very painful.

2. Zoe

Zoe is another champion that is highly reliant on combos. If you’re unsure how to time her sleep along with her skill shot, you’re pretty much screwed. Sure, she is a mobile champion once she has her ultimate, but it will always bring you back to the same spot in the end.

Zoe - Hardest Champion
Why is she so difficult to master? | © Riot Games

Managing a good combo with max range and max damage is difficult and if you’re not able to hit your sleep, ultimate and then your paddle star you are basically nothing more than a glorified minion on your team.

1. Azir

The most difficult mid lane champion to master is probably Azir. This dude has so many combos it’s insane. How to place your sand soldiers is key, and knowing when you have a power spike is another important aspect.

Azir - Most Difficult Champions
This champion is impossible to play as a beginner. | © Riot Games

Azir is the type of champion that starts off weak, but with a few items, attack speed he will shred through anyone and anything. No one takes a baron faster than this mid laner. Unfortunately, you will have to spend a lot of time mastering this champion. Azir is probably the champion with the highest skill ceiling, but once you know how to play him it’ll be worth it.

So, which champion do you think is impossibly hard to master? Of course, there are also extremely easy mid lane champions like Vex who make the game fun. But not everyone wants to know how to master someone after one or two games, right?