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Dash Steps Down as the Host of the LCS

Esports 04-01-2023 15:00
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Dash is stepping down as the host of the LCS | © Riot Games

The LCS is planning some big changes going into the new year. Not only are we looking at a whole new broadcasting schedule, but the LCS is also saying goodbye to one of the most influential faces in the North American Esports scene. 

The North American League of Legends fans can expect quite a different show in 2023. Where the LCS was usually cast on Fridays and Saturdays, the new schedule will demand that fans take Thursday and Friday at noon (PT) off if they want to witness the show live. 

On January 3, another radical change to the LCS broadcast was announced when the LCS host, James "Dash" Patterson, went on his Twitter to explain he would no longer be part of the LCS broadcasting team in the same capacity for the upcoming season.

After nearly a decade of being the face that welcomes you to the LCS, it is with a swirl of emotions that I announce I will not be returning to the LCS in the same capacity this year.

Dash joined Riot Games in 2014 as an Esports coordinator and has been a big part of the LCS ever since, hosting the North American LoL Tournament, including several LCS finals. 

He has also been a big part the of international LoL events like Worlds and the MSI, making him a well-known face all across the LoL Esports scene. Even though this might be the end of Dash as a host of the LCS, he did end on a good note, finally winning the Esports Host of the Year in 2022.

Why Is Dash Stepping Down as the Host of the LCS? 

In his announcement on Twitter, Dash explained that the new format of the LCS does not require a consistent host and that he will no longer have the same amount of involvement in the LCS. That being said, he will still be a part of "key moments and some content," probably with events such as the LCS finals.  

The new changes were not Dash's decision, he explained on his stream. Riot told Dash already in August that his role as the LCS Host would no longer be needed to the same extent.

Dash is very grateful for the almost ten years he has had together with Riot Games, allowing him to grow and become the host he is today.

Dash Looks Into Working With Other Games or Acting 

Now that his role in the LCS will be significantly smaller, Dash is looking into new opportunities for the new year. During his stream, Dash also explained that he wishes to stay within Esports if some of the games he is passionate about will have him. 

Dash also has a previous career in acting, playing in a thriller movie called Airtight. He and his team are now also looking into opportunities within the acting scene for Dash going on forward. 

What do you think about all the changes happening with the LCS? 

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