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Is Doublelift Returning to the Pro LoL Scene?

Esports 30-10-2022 14:00
Doublelift Finals
Back in the day as a member of TSM... will we see him don the black and white once more? | © Riot Games

News from the carousel of the North American LCS: Rumours are afloat that Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng could be making his return to the pro scene. Are these rumours warranted though and which team could we see the well-known LCS star play on for the Spring Split 2023? 

The League of Legends World Championship has come to an end for both the LEC and the LCS. No team is left, even with Rogue trying their best against the LPL's first seed JDG in the quarterfinals. But we're not here to lament the downfall of the west, instead we're looking ahead at 2023 and what could be improved, especially in the LCS. 

LCS: Is Doublelift Planning a Return to Pro League of Legends?

On October 28, 2022 a few rumours came up in the LoL Community that Doublelift could be coming back for the 2023 season. On Twitter esports insider Bireuc Seeger tweeted that none other than Doublelift could be making a comeback in the upcoming LCS season. Of course, this tweet quickly went viral. 

The 29-year-old is probably one of the most well-known players to come from the LCS. He competed at the highest level fo years as the ADC of various teams such as TSM, TL and CLG. 

At the end of 2020 he finished his career on TSM and stayed for one more year as a steamer with the org before leaving and streaming independently. He also helped bring to light some accusations against former TSM owner Andy "Reginald" Dinh. 

Which Team Will Doublelift Join in 2023?

Even if Doublelift hasn't played professionally in the last two years, he still brings a lot of important qualities to a team. He's the most decorated LCS player of all time with nine LCS titles and he made it into the All-Pro team a whopping six times. In the Summer of 2018 he also managed to take home the MVP-title. 

So, what can we grasp from this? Doublelift knows how to win like no one else. This mentality and experience can be important, especially if you've got a team filled with rookies otherwise. A wise older voice could be a great asset to have. But one question we have to ask is whether Doublelift, with almost 30-years-of-age, is still as flexible as his younger counterparts? 

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To be honest, we can only find out once Doublelift plays in the LCS once more. Which team is looking for a veteran bot laner? According to Seeger Doublelift is currently in talks with multiple LCS teams. 

Two options that we could see are either FlyQuest and Team Liquid. Both squads made the playoffs and both teams failed to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship and are currently missing ADCs. FlyQuest let their bot laner Johnsun go on October 18, 2022 while Hans Sama left Team Liquid shortly after the LCS playoffs. 

The best option for Doublelift would definitely be a team looking to find the final "missing piece" of the roster. He's also stated before that he would only join a team that could compete at the highest level and not one of the bottom feeder teams in the LCS, so... sorry TSM but you're out of contention then.

The best option is likely Team Liquid. Doublelift has a close relationship with the team thanks to his time on the squad before, but until now these are just rumours so we're going to have to wait to find out whether we'll see the ADC back on the LCS stage in 2023. 

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