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Dash still fits!

LoL Fans Wondering Why Dash Had to be Removed from LCS Broadcast

Esports 03-02-2023 16:35
Dash Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals
Fans are wondering why Dash had to be removed from the broadcast. | © Riot Games

LCS fans went to Reddit, wondering why James "Dash" Patterson had to leave the LCS broadcast. They wondered how the broadcast has changed that wouldn't need for a designated host. 

At the start of the 2023 LCS season a lot changed. New days, new times and the removal of one of the most iconic people on the broadcast. Now, with the first week of broadcast over, fans are wondering what exactly changed on that wouldn't warrant having Dash as designated host. 

LoL Fans Question Why Dash Had To Leave LCS Broadcast

On Reddit, user SeanRanklinIsAlive, wrote a post asking what differed that warranted the removal of Dash from the LCS broadcast. They best summed it up in the title of the post: 

Watching the LCS, I don't see how Riot has fundamentally changed the broadcast in ways that meant Dash's job was no longer needed. There is still an analyst desk segment but Jatt is just doing the hosting now. The explanation from Riot does not reflect reality to me. Dash could easily still fit.

No Dash? No problem with these champions:

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Riot has stated that Dash has not completely been removed from the broadcast, with the former desk host taking on a new role of bringing the players closer to the fans through a dedicated segment, but we have not gotten to see this segment yet. 

Dash, since announcing his departure from the LCS, has worked with FlyQuest making new content, as well as doing some co-streaming. It's also been announced to be one of the hosts for the VALORANT LOCK//In event. 

But it seems that the LCS broadcast has made some changes, but not enough for viewers to fully understand why Dash had to be removed. There is still an analyst desk, only now Jatt is the one leading the discussions, as well as other segments between matches. 

One fan wrote that they do wish Dash would be brought back since they enjoy what he brought to the broadcast, a sentiment which many echoed as well in the comments. It seems highly unlikely though that Dash will return as a host to the LCS, at least not for the Spring Split with Riot testing out their new broadcast. 

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