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"Riot Won't Say Anything" - Why Riot Isn't Responding to TES Game Bug

FNC Coach weighs in on the bug drama. | © Riot Games

Bugs are nothing new in the world of League of Legends, but the amount of in-game bugs that have been game defining throughout the 2022 League of Legends World Championship is something else. 

In one of the most recent matches between Top Esports and GAM Esports, a single game bug could have been tournament defining as well, which has fans up in arms on social media. So, why hasn't Riot made a statement yet, and can we even expect one from them? Thankfully FNC's head coach weighs in. 


Why Riot Has Not Made A Statement Yet Regarding All In-Game Bugs

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 Top Esports, one of the teams heavily favoured to win the entire League of Legends World Championship this year, faced off against the VCS champions GAM Esports. Top Esports hasn't had the tournament most would have imagined and desperately needed a win to keep their quarter-final dreams alive. 

In a game defining moment though, GAM made a miraculous play which won them the game. Later, content creator Vandiril posted on social media, that due to an in-game bug the shield of JackeyLove's Maw of Malmortious did not activate, which could have been the reason why TES lost. 

Now, Fnatic's head coach YamatoCannon chimes in on Twitter explaining why Riot has been radio silent since the whole in-game bug ordeal has been brought up on social media.


Riot won't say anything about the bug because their sentiment/ruleset has always been if players don't spot bugs themselves it won't be accounter for. I remember games where I saw bugs from backstage and I couldn't even fight to pause or chronobreak. 

This means that if someone other than the players find these bugs, then Riot won't investigate them at the time of them happening. Therefore, even if Vandiril posted about the bug right as it happened during the game, Riot won't take that into account. The players themselves have to find the bug in the stressful moment. Good luck... 

YamatoCannon goes on to state that he wishes there would be some way that coaches could intervene in such situations, but he understands that some would abuse that in future matches, making it difficult to referee. 

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