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A pair of 2-0 series showed both teams are ready for the challenge

The LCK Spring Season Starts with Victories for DK and T1

Esports 19-01-2023 08:40
LCK1 1801
Can T1 win back its crown? | © Riot Games

T1 and Dplus KIA begin their spring campaigns with sweeps against Gen.G and DRX.

After a several months’ break, no KeSPA cup and only a brief Kickoff event to leave the fans hungry for more, the LCK returned on January 18th. While the off-season had - as usual - led to a big transfer shuffle, fans still expected the South Korean League of Legends championship to be most engaging in the world, and its opening day did not disappoint. From the ecstatic introduction of the teams to a pair of games featuring the top 4 teams of the previous split, South Korea's finest players and coaches showed that they are here to dominate the world of professional League of Legends once more.

Dplus KIA Take Down the World Champions

The first match saw the newly renamed Dplus KIA (formerly DWG KIA) take on DRX. The world champion team had lost most of their roster, however, and found themselves quickly taken apart by a very strong Dplus team. The first game was completely one-sided in the draft and execution, with great plays by Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu being just the icing on the cake. DRX had a better show in the second game and we saw the game remain close until the mid game, where a big fight near the third drake saw Dplus KIA once more take a full lead and, led by Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu's Sivir, they made no mistake in closing the series out.

T1's Revenge

In the second series of the day, T1 had their rematch with Gen.G for the loss in the 2022 Summer Finals. In the preseason, the 2022 champions has lost their experienced bot lane duo and instead featured two new players - and it showed. Despite some heroic efforts by Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon and a very even early game, T1 eventually took the lead and closed out the opening game. After the break, Gen.G put up another strong performance and even enjoyed a mid-game lead before an overreach by the dragon was beautifully punished. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok’s Lissandra took over the game and ensured that his team would start the year with a clean win.

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The LCK games will take place every week from Wednesday to Sunday, starting from 9 AM CET. In the meantime, follow us for more information on the best plays, rumors and rundowns from all LoL regions!