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Comeback of a TSM Legend

Wildturtle Promoted To TSM's LCS Roster For Week 6

News 02-03-2023 17:05
Wildturtle lcs tsm 2017
A picture of more successful times for TSM: WildTurtle celebrating with his team during the 2017 NA LCS Spring Finals. | © Riot Games

This week, TSM fans around the world will take a trip down memory lane. And let me tell you, it's a very scenic lane they will be taking! None other than TSM Legend Jason "WildTurtle" Tran will be celebrating his comeback during Week 6 of the 2023 LCS Spring Split. 

The Canadian has been part of TSM's NA Challenger's League squad since end of last year but on March 2, 2023 he has received the call-up to the organizations' LCS roster. He will basically swap spots with Toàn "Neo" Trần, who will take over for WildTurtle in the NACL.

WildTurtle's TSM Comeback: Everything You Need To Know

Well, if you're being technical about it, this isn't really WildTurtle's TSM comeback, since he has been playing for the organization since the inception of the North American Challenger's League, the successor to the NA Academy League. 

Although it definitely is the first time the bot laner has played for TSM's LCS squad since his departure from the team in May 2017. TSM has reported the ADC swap for week 6 on it's official Twitter page, especially urging fans to keep supporting both players in their new roles. 

TSM: What Situation Will WildTurtle Find Himself In?

TSM has looked better this Spring Split than they have during the last two splits, where they sat somewhere between a roster rebuild and very slim playoff hopes. But this split they even managed to upset FlyQuest, who went unbeaten until their matchup with TSM. 

On the other hand, they dropped a game against a winless Golden Guardians team, who then embarked on a seven-game winning streak. This TSM squad showed a lot of upsides, especially their promising jungler Bugi and veteran mid laner Maple. They currently (before Week 6 action) sit at 5-6.

TSM Challenger Meme
Hold on guys, I've got just the right meme for this occasion!

So, what about TSM's NACL roster? It was probably the roster that has created the most buzz during the 2023 off season. Mainly because the organization had signed three former TSM players that have been part of one of the most successful squads in LCS history. 

We're of course talking about Hauntzer, Svenskeren and WildTurtle. Those three once again suited up in TSM colors to fight for wins in the NACL during its incumbent split. The squad has had it's up's and down's, just like the LCS roster (record of 4-3-6). Ah, inconsistency... it's just a TSM thing, isn't it? 

Still, we're quite sure that TSM fans will enjoy the nostalgia of seeing WildTurtle tear up the enemy bot lane this week... he will tear them up, right? Oh please, don't let this turn into another TSM drama...

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