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So many players from RNG!

Worlds 2022: The Top 10 KDAs of Group Stage Round 1

RNG Wei reigns supreme with the highest KDA in the first half of Groups | © Riot Games
RNG Wei reigns supreme with the highest KDA in the first half of Groups | © Riot Games

After a two-day break from Worlds 2022, we are ready to see which teams will finally qualify for the Worlds 2022 Knockout Stage. To help you along the way, we have the top ten KDAs from the first half of the Group Stage.

The League of Legends World Championship has been stacked with high-intensity games and several surprises. For one, NA isn’t known for doing exceptionally well on the international stage, but did anyone predict the LCS representatives to go 0-9 in their first week? I don’t think so. 

But let’s look away from the negative showings in Worlds 2022 and rather look at some players that have been performing particularly well in the first week of the Worlds 2022 Group Stage.

RNG Dominates Everyone in Terms of KDA

In a recent tweet from LoL Esports, we got to see the top 10 KDAs in the first part of Groups. 

On the top, we find RNG’s jungler, Wei, with a KDA of 42.0, closely followed by his teammate, RNG GALA, with a KDA of 40

Here are the top 10 KDAs from the first round of Worlds 2022 Groups: 

  1. RNG Wei - 42.0
  2. RNG GALA - 40.0
  3. DRX Pyosik - 20.0
  4. GEN.G Chovy- 15.0
  5. RGE Comp - 13.0
  6. RGE Larsen - 13.0
  7. TES Knight - 13.0
  8. RGE Odoamne - 12.3
  9. RNF Xiaohu - 11.7
  10. RNG Breathe  - 11.5

As we can see, Royals Never Give Up dominates all the other teams in terms of KDA and has a total of four players on the top 10 KDA list, only missing their support Ming. 

Though impressive, it is not that surprising to see RNG on the top of the KDA list, considering they have won all their group matches so far. 

Rogue Is Showing Great Results

Rogue Comp Worlds 2022
Also Comp can be pleased with his performance so far | © Riot Games

Following RNG, we have the European team Rogue with three members on the top 10 KDA ranking. 

Rogue has also won all their matches, but even though they also have several players on the top 10 KDA list, they don’t even stand close to RNG, considering the big gap from 1st and 2nd place to the other placements. 

Even though RNG beats Rogue's KDA showings in a landslide, their KDAs are still very impressive, and it will be exciting to see what the European first-seed representative can bring to the table as we advance to the second part of Groups. 

Where are the JDG Players?

Another team going 3-0 in the first week is one of LPL’s representatives, Jingdong Gaming. Even though the team has not lost a single game until now, they are not to be found on the top 10 KDA standings for Groups so far. 

But who knows, we shouldn't lose all "Hope" for JDG, as we are still in the early stages of the championship, and their results so far are looking promising. 

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