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What will happen to the players who tested positive?

Several Players Test Positive for COVID-19 at Worlds 2022

Gen.G Chovy Worlds 2022 Group Stage
Gen.G Chovy is one of the players who has tested positive for COVID-19| © Riot Games

Several players and team members tested positive for COVID-19 during the League of Legends World Championship 2022. So which teams are affected this week? 

Worlds 2022 is up and going, and this year we have witnessed the return of an audience for all stages in the championship. 

Even though there are fewer COVID-19 restrictions this year, players and staff are required to attend regular testing for COVID-19. 

During the last testing session, it was revealed that Gen.GEDward Gaming, and DWG KIA had players infected with the Coronavirus. 

Chovy, Canyon and Scout Amongst the Players Infected

The first announcement came from the LCK superteam Gen.G. The team revealed on their Twitter that their mid laner Chovy had tested positive and would not be able to attend the World Championship offline. 

In addition, also the team's head coach, Score, and Coach Museong tested positive for the Coronavirus. 

Gen.G was not the only team affected by the Coronavirus restrictions at Worlds 2022. Also, DWG KIA's Jungler Canyon and EDG's mid laner Scout tested positive for Covid after the regular testing.

Several Members of RNG Infected With COVID-19

[Update, October 14, 2022]

One day after many teams announced their players were infected with COVID-19, the currently undefeated team in groups, Royals Never Give Up, also came out with the news that several of their players had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Currently, almost all the players on the playing roster are infected, and only their bot laner, GALA, tested negative. Here are all the RNG players currently infected with Covid: 

  • Breathe (Top)
  • Wei (Jungle)
  • Xiaohu (Mid)
  • Ming (Support)

Also, several members of their coaching and team staff (Tabe, Xiaobai, Ash and Shadow) tested positive for Covid the same day.


The Infected Players Will Still Participate in Worlds 2022

As all the players and staff members infected are supposedly feeling well enough to play, they have gotten permission from LoL Esports to play off-stage. 

The scheduled match will then be played by the players who tested positive on a "LAN network built in the isolation facilities," whereas their teammates and the opposing team will play from the venue.

Now, suppose a player were to test negative before their match; they would be allowed to join their teammates on stage. 

Stacked Mandatory Testing Line at Worlds 2022

In a recent video from Romain Bigeard, G2's General Manager, the mandatory Coronavirus testing line for Worlds 2022 has been stacked. 

In the video below,  several well-known faces can be seen waiting for their mandatory COVID-19 test.


Fnatic Had Troubles With Covid-19 in Play-Ins

For some teams, the Coronavirus has been a bigger obstacle than for other teams. 

Just before the Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage, Fnatic revealed their bot lane would be coming late to Mexico, as both Hylisang and Upset had tested positive for Covid.

Luckily, Upset made it just in time for the first games on day one, whereas Hylisang joined for the second day of play-ins.

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