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Bjergsen To Part Ways With Team Liquid

News 12-11-2022 00:45
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The end has come for Bjergsen at Team Liquid. Where is he headed next? | © Riot Games

There have been more and more rumors over the last couple of months, but now it's confirmed: LCS Legend Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg will leave Team Liquid before the 2023 season. The partnership fans and TL had so much hope in has come to an end.

Bjergsen had been part of the team since November of 2021 and has played two splits in the North American LCS with them. Team Liquid had built a star-studded roster that failed to live up to the – admittedly – high expectations. Where could Bjerg head next? Will he keep playing? We will take a look at everything we know so far.

Bjergsen Announces His Departure From Team Liquid

Up until now, rumors have been dictating the pace in the hectic LCS and LEC off-season, but this was an official – and bilateral – announcement from both Bjergsen and Team Liquid Honda. They have both turned to Twitter to break the news for their fans. Many of them might be disappointed about it, some may have even seen it coming.

Bjergsen is also not the first Team Liquid player to depart from the team after an underwhelming LCS 2022 Summer Split and the failure to qualify for Worlds. Now we will never find out if this roster would have been the one to break the NA curse...

Aside from Bjergsen, Steven "Hans sama" Liv has already left the team before Worlds even kicked off. Want to know where he is reportedly signing for next season? I'll give you guys a little hint: *whisper* It's not NA!

Read about Hans sama and more off-season rumors:

Bjergsen Leaving Team Liquid: His Next Move

The Danish mid laner has been part of Team Liquid Honda for a bit over a year now. For most of you he is probably linked to another storied esports organization. I say "storied" in a good and bad way... Before he joined TL, Bjergsen was part of TSM for almost eight years.

Many might ponder: Will he return to TSM? To be honest: We don't think so. The organisation has been in major disarray for almost as long as Bjergsen left. Sometimes it seems like he was the glue holding it all together... It wouldn't be a good fit for Bjerg at this stage of his career to re-join this team. Although we don't know for sure. Maybe his heart says otherwise?

Judging by his tweet he does already have a plan, though. Seems like he is still ready to compete and we're here for it! Whatever may come – we will be following closely and keep you updated!

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