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Is the Unkillable Demon moving to another region?

Is Faker Joining the LCS?

News 24-11-2022 19:00
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Where will we see the LoL star in 2023? | © Riot Games

Faker is one of the most famous and successful players in League of Legends. With T1, the Korean midlaner has won a total of three titles in the League of Legends World Championships. After losing an intense series against DRX in the 2022 Worlds Finals, will we see Faker moving to another region for the first time in his career? 

We just witnessed history being made in the 2022 League of Legends World Championship Final.  The Korean second-seed team, T1, lost in the finals for the first time ever against the underdogs in DRX

Even though many believed Faker and his team would be the ones to bring the victory home, they were not enough to beat DRX after their long run all the way from play-ins to the grand finale

Now we turn our heads to next season, and many are wondering if this were the last year we would see the star midlaner Faker together with T1 or even in his home region. So now for the big question: Is Faker going to NA? 

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Faker Exploring Options in Several Regions

Faker is currently one of the oldest players in the LCK at 26 years old. It is not uncommon for star players to remain on their roster until their retirement, and it was even rumored that this would be Faker's last year considering their heartbreaking loss against DRX in the Worlds Finals. 

However, these rumors were quickly brushed away after the Worlds post-game press conference, where Faker talked about his future after the loss. What Faker said did not sound like someone who is ready to retire just yet: 

It is true that we only finished runner-up in this worlds, but I have faith we can grow even stronger as a team.

Judging by Faker's own words, it looks like we get to keep the Korean midlaner for a bit longer. After all, there is no denying that he is in top form and is able to compete at the very highest level in League of Legends.

So what does that mean for his future? Will we see him play another year together with T1, or is next year the year where we will witness Faker in a new team?

According to Alejandro Gomis of, Faker has been exploring other options for the 2023 season, and one of the offers under consideration comes from NA.

This year, Faker has reportedly received several offers from various teams, two of which are located in North America. The teams in question are Team Liquid and FlyQuest

Will Faker Leave T1?

Faker lol
Faker is, by many, considered to be an essential part of T1. | © Riot Games

Since the start of Faker's career back in 2013, the mid laner has been loyal to one team only - T1. Naturally, therefore, many T1 fans fear the player leaving the team, but will this really happen? Most likely not.

As Faker already mentioned during the Worlds Finals Press Conference, the midlaner intends to help his team grow even further and have another try to take the Summoner's Cup in 2023

Now, plans might have changed since then, and we can never be 100% certain before the news is officially revealed. If he were to change his team, we would likely still see him in the LCK, as he has already mentioned before that he wishes to play in Korea. 

Faker is also known for having turned down big checks from other teams in other regions in the past. Apparently, Faker refused a contract worth $20 Million yearly.

Another reason why it is unlikely we will see Faker leaving T1 is his ties to the organization. With his most recent contract with T1, Faker has been given shares in the company and is now also part-owner of the organization.

If we were to place our bets on where the Unkillable Demon King would end up next year, we would put out money on T1. Even though NA teams can offer him insane amounts of money, there are too many hints toward another season with T1 and the LCK. 

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