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League of Legends: New Insights Into PvE Mode "Swarm" Revealed

News 12-06-2024 17:10

In a recent vlog, Riot gave some insights into the upcoming PvE mode that will be a part of the League of Legends summer event this year. It looks incredible, and it's finally got a name. 

Anima Squad Vayne and Sylas
League of Legends: We got some more details about the upcoming PvE mode. | © Riot Games

Riot Games just posted a brand-new vlog in which they revealed exciting news about Arcane season 2, as well as information on upcoming champion visual updates and what they're planning to improve them and have them come out quicker. 

Not only that, but we also got a short and sweet update on the upcoming Summer Event, which will also feature a fun PvE game mode. Also, it finally got a name. "Swarm". 

League of Legends: Riot Reveal "Swarm"

It's been forever since Riot released a "for fun" mode that didn't attract sweaty hardcore players. Well, for the new Summer event coming later this year, casual players will finally get to shine thanks to a brand-new PvE mode. And Riot have revealed some interesting information to the players and fans. 

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The new game mode is called "Swarm" and players can either challenge the mode solo or in co-op with some friends. The mode will be coming in mid-July for the 2024 Summer event, and it'll be on the Public Beta Environment in late July... so a release for LoL Patch 14.14 seems the most likely – Patch 14.13 is going to be a 3-week patch. 

The mode is a pretty big departure from League's core gameplay. The team really wanted to emulate the chill, more casual style of bullet heaven survivor games with some resulting in reimagining of how our champions would play in this context. 

This mode sounds extremely fun and casual, something a large portion of the player base have been asking for. Now, players just have to keep playing and engaging with the content, so Riot knows that players want more of these types of games. How difficult will this game mode be though? 

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