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Riot Developer Reveals Why There Will Be No Jungle Pet Skins

News 17-01-2023 18:00
Jungle pets
Star Guardian jungle pets incoming? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends developers considered adding skins for the new jungle pets in League of Legends but later decided not to. Why didn't they think it was a good idea?

With the new season, Riot Games wanted to make a lot of changes in the jungle in order to make the role easier for newcomers. One of the biggest changes we saw, was the addition of jungle pets. These little creatures are purchased in the shop and follow around the jungler, helping them in certain areas depending on which pet you chose.

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It is not hard to imagine skins for the jungle pets, considering they would probably follow a similar style to the TFT Little Legends we find in the 5v5 game mode ARAM.

In a discussion on Reddit regarding the real reason for the addition of jungle pets, Riot GalaxySmash explained why they would not be adding any skins for the jungle pets in the future. 

According to the Riot developer, they did consider skins for jungle pets initially, but decided against it because it would make the pets a permanent feature, which Riot is not ready for just yet. 

Releasing skins would mean that the mechanic must stay in the game for the rest of its existence, which isn't a commitment we want to make.

Even though addng jungle pet skins to the Summoner's Rift wouldn't be too difficult, we do understand that selling skins for the jungle pets is a big commitment. If they would start selling skins for jungle pets, they would either have to refund everyone purchasing a pet skin if they chose to remove the pets from the game, or they would have to keep the pets in the game even if they are unhappy with the outcome. 

Do you think skins for the jungle pets would be a nice addition to the game? 

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Or maybe they can release "free skins" part of an event or in game jungle farming missions ; that way no one can ask to be refunded the skin since they did pay it only in time played.