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Shaco Is Getting a Visual Update

News 31-03-2022 18:00
Arcanist Shaco
What is Riot updating on this jungler? | © Riot Games

It might not be an ASU, nor is it a VGU, but at least it's something. Riot might not be changing this junglers lore with this update, but at least he's getting some attention and his outdated visuals will be improved at some point in 2022. 

His visual update just hit the PBE server and will go live later this month, but what exactly is Riot working on and what can we expect from Shaco's visuals once the changes go live? 

Shaco VFX Changes in Patch 12.7

His visual update is going to hit the rift in Patch 12.7 if everything goes accoridng to plan. Riot has quite a few changes planned for him. This update is going to be improving the visuals of his abilities, improving on the hitbox as well as bringing Shaco into the 2020s with these updates. 

Ability VFX Updates

  • Passive - Backstab
    • All hits now have different effects based on whether they're front- or back-stabs. Also different crit effects.
  • Q - Deceive
    • Completely new "poof". Going for "illusion" magic. Tried to keep some of the iconic orange smoke in the composition. New hit effects.
  • W - Jack in the Box
    • New box placement effect, cleaned up range indicator, and added a subtle burst around the box once they're triggered, to show the range of the fear (it's bigger than the box trigger range). Also new missiles and hit effects.
  • E - Two-Shiv Poison
    • New missile, hit and slow effects.
  • R - Hallucinate
    • New cast effect, poof, timer and explosion

With these changes Shaco is going to have different visual effects for both his Q and basic attacks depending on how he attacks. Whether he's going for a frontal attack, backstab or crit makes the VFX change. 

Not only that, but an effect for his execute on his E, as well as a cast efffect for his ultimate. Finally we see some improvements on Shaco's visuals!

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Which Skins Will Be Affected by the VFX Change? 

All  of his skins will  be looked over and improved on. These are all  the changes that our favorite clown will get: 

  • Base: Complete Overhaul
  • Mad Hatter Shaco: Gets the new Base VFXs
  • Royal Shaco: Gets the new Base VFXs
  • Nutcracko: Gets the new Base VFXs, with a winter-themed recolor and some snowflakes.
  • Workshop Shaco: Gets the new Base VFXs, with an electric-themed recolor and some sparking effects.
  • Asylum Shaco: Gets the new Base VFXs
  • Masked Shaco: Gets the new Base VFXs, with a red and purple recolor
  • Wild Card Shaco: Gets the new Base VFXs
  • Dark Star Shaco: Mirrored new Base VFXs, new hit effects and some minor cleanup.
  • Arcanist Shaco: Mirrored new Base VFXs, new hit effects and some mior cleanup.
  • Crime City Nightmare Shaco: Minor tweaks


When Will Shaco's VFX Update Release?

This visual update is goign to be released on April 13, 2022 with League of Legends Patch 12.7. Not only that, but two other champions will also receive visual updates. Leona and Orianna are also getting some love. 

Now if only Riot would finally give us more info than just breadcrumbs on the upcoming Void jungler and the Void event we're desperately waiting for. 

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