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Swain changes when?

LoL Patch 12.7 Preview | Pantheon Buffs and VFX Updates

Patch Notes 31-03-2022 18:41
Lol arcade caitlyn prestige
Upgrades to Prestige skins going live soon! | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.7 is going to go live in just two weeks and while we have to get used to the changes in Patch 12.6, like the new sustain changes and a whole new update to Rengar, we want to take a look to figure out what changes could hit the rift soon! 

So, will we be receiving the new Void Jungler? Is the Void Event hitting the rift? Or will we have to wait a bit longer? Seriously, this region has been left in the dumps and deserves an epic event and hopefully Riot can deliver upon our hopes. Whether it'll go live in Patch 12.7 is unknown for now, but we do have some hints as to what could come. 


Pantheon Buffs in Patch 12.7

Pantheon is getting buffed in League of Legends Patch 12.7. Who would have thought we would see the day where this epic champion finally receives some love from Riot Games, eh? The changes are small, but hopefully they bring his pick rate up a bit. 

  • Base Stats
    • Health Per 5: 9 --> 7.5 
  • Comet Spear (Q)
    • Tap Q Length: 550 --> 600
    • Tap Q Width: 150 --> 120
  • Aegis Assault (E)
    • No longer slows Pantheon when moving backwards
  • Grand Starfall (R)
    • Now falls 0.25 seconds faster
Leona project
Leona is getting some new visuals! | © Riot Games

VFX Updates in LoL Patch 12.7 

Three skins will be receiving some visual updates. These will mostly just be to their abilities, cleaning them up and making their hitboxes more clear. These updates are akin to the ones which Syndra received in late 2021 and Vel'Koz earlier this year

Which Champions Are Getting VFX Updates in Patch 12.7? 

Three champions will receive visual updates in League of Legends Patch 12.7. 

Leona is receiving the least attention from the three with Riot just cleaning up her abilities a little and making them stand out more. On the other hand, Shaco is getting a lot of attention with some new visuals added as well to make him look like he belongs in the game in 2022. 

Curious about the details? We have in-depth articles on the visual updates as well! Just click on the champion names! 

Swain Update in Patch 12.7 

Whether the Swain update that was meant to hit the rift in Patch 12.6 is going to go live in Patch 12.7 is still unknown. We know Riot is working on it behind the scenes and making some tests to bring the champion from the bot lane back into the mid lane. 

Some changes were proposed ahead of Patch 12.6, but Riot quickly took them off the PBE server to give Swain some more time and to figure out what changes had to be made to make this champion feel fun to play once more.  So, whether the update goes live in 12.7 is still unknown, but we're tentatively putting it out there that it could happen. 

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Mythic Update in Patch 12.7 

In League of Legends Patch 12.6 we got a new mythic shop, but that isn't all. New mythic currency was introduced, and Riot even made some adjustments that people wouldn't have to pay out of their ass for a single prestige skin. 

But there were a few updates and changes they couldn't ship with the patch yet, so we will have to wait for Patch 12.7 for some more mythic content coming our way. Old prestige skins got a facelift, but some haven't received theirs yet, which is why you'll have to stay patient for some changes with the mythic content until the next patch. 

When Will LoL Patch 12.7 Release? 

The next League of Legends Patch is going to go live on April 13, 2022. Before then, we will receive new Anima Squad skins, know who is going to compete at this year's Mid-Season Invitational and get a chance to purchase some new skins in the mythic shop

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