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The Most Versatile LoL Worlds Yet - How Many Unique Champions Were Played?

Victorious Aatrox
Aatrox played a huge part in the League of Legends World Championship this year. | © Riot Games

DRX are your League of Legends World Champions. 2022 was an insane year for League of Legends with a huge durability halfway through the year to try and combat the power creep issue that has been a part of the game for a while, as well as a multitude of unique new champions. 

All that capped off with an insane finals performance between David and Goliath aka DRX and T1. This was the best finals series of all time, going down to the wire in five games. But now it's time to look back at the tournament and the insane amount of champions we got to see. 


Over 100 Unique Champions Played at LoL Worlds 2022

Over 100 unique champions were played throughout the League of Legends World Championship this year. We might meme on the Riot balance team, but this time they helped enable a diverse champion pool for all players to play what they felt was good into specific picks. Hell we even got a Teemo game this world championship! 

Already after the play-in phase did we have a huge pool of unique champions, and with the beginning of the main phase that list of unique picks only grew, reaching 109 unique champion picks throughout 127 games. Now compare that to 2021 where 92 unique champions were played in 121 games. 

Missed the LoL Worlds Finals? We have the key plays in under 10-minutes right here:

With six more games as well we got more chances for more picks. 2022 also had some of the closest series with DRX taking all of their knockout games to five games. In previous Worlds we often saw 3-0 stomps between western and eastern teams, but with a lack of EU and NA teams in the knockout round – other than Rogue of course – it seems that the knockout games were much closer than in previous iterations. 

This truly was a World Championship like no other and we hope to see similar story lines and trajectories in future events. Riot did a great job balancing before the patch, adding in the bigger changes in Patch 12.17 and adjusting the meta accordingly in Patch 12.18 which was the official LoL Worlds Patch. 

Aatrox Is the Highest Priority Pick

We saw a lot of champions throughout the tournament but one mother f*cker was part of every single draft. Aatrox was either played or banned gaining a 100% presence throughout the tournament. This truly was the god-tier pick of the tournament, which is why we do think that Kingen will receive his Aatrox Worlds skin in 2023. 

With Worlds finishing on November 5, 2022 it's time we move on and check out the off-season. Who will be playing for G2 Esports in the coming season?