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Are you ready for yet another skin for Ahri?

Will Ahri Get a Prestige Skin?

KDA Ahri Prestige Edition
Will we get another prestige skin for Ahri? | © Riot Games

The project skin-line could be making a comeback soon. Let's take a look at what we know.

Riot Games have been going strong in the skin department lately. With the recent addition of the Monster Tamer collection to the upcoming Steel Valkyries Skins, the skin lines have been pretty clean. We might have even more badass skins coming our way, as some well-known leakers have been finding some exciting hints about a Prestige PROJECT: Ahri skin. But before you get too excited, this is not 100% certain yet. Let's look at what we know so far.

Will We Get a Prestige PROJECT: Ahri Skin?

According to the well-known leaker Big Bad Bear, there is a chance for us to get a PROJECT: Ahri skin with a prestige edition soon. This information was first found by Julex Gameplays on Twitter. Julex had been going through a file for Phase 3 of a mythic content overhaul when he stumbled upon some juicy information: 

Apparently, the file included some text saying "Prestidge Edition Skin Coming Soon" and further down, "Project2021_Ahri_Unrevealed."

If a PROJECT: Ahri skin were to be released, it would most likely be released with other project skins and could potentially be the second part of the Worlds 2022 Event after Spirit Blossom.

Now, before you get overly excited, or for that matter, mad that Ahri is getting yet another skin, we have to take a break and look at this information more closely. 

According to Big Bad Bear, "Project 2021" could just be a placeholder for something else. Which, in that case, would mean that the text in the file is meaningless. It just so happens that "Project 2021" has been used as a placeholder before, so it isn't unlikely this is what Riot Games are doing here as well.

As we already know, Riot Games have been working on an ASU for Ahri for quite a while now. In the recent updates for the upcoming preseason, Reav3 mentioned that the base version of Ahri is as good as completed but that they still have some work to do because Ahri has a lot of skins and all of them needs to be changed. It would, therefore, be odd if they are additionally working on a new skin for Ahri before being done with the old ones.

With this information, we think it is unlikely that Ahri will get a PROJECT skin any time soon. However, it is interesting to see that her name has been placed together with the skin line. Maybe the name is for a past project that didn’t go as they wanted to or for a "project" coming in the future.

What do you think? Would you want to see Ahri in the high-tech skin line, or do you think it is time for other champions to get into the spotlight? I, for one, believe it is time for our boy Zac to get another skin.

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