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Backstabbed by the one who I loved most

Rekkles on G2 Esports: "They F***ed Me Over"

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The year is 2021, and G2 Esports just took a radical step they hoped would take their roster to new heights. What did they do? They decided to sign the bot laner of the rival team, Fnatic. With the recent additions of Rekkles, the roster was looking to dominate Europe and then set their eyes on the International stage.

However, their performance did not live up to their expectation, and it looks like Rekkles and G2 Esports parted ways on bad terms. A year later, Rekkles has given us more insight into what happened.

On a recent stream, talking about the current offseason rumors and Jankos' situation with G2 Esports, Rekkles took his viewers on a ride through memory lane from his time with G2. 

G2 Esports Benched Rekkles 

After disappointing results with the Swedish bot laner, G2 Esports decided to bench Rekkles at the end of 2021. Rekkles explained on his stream that when G2 benched him, his first reaction was to stay with the organization no matter what; however, due to G2 not allowing him to be a substitute for the team or even give him a chance to fight for his spot, he needed to get out.

Now, this was harder said than done, as G2 Esports set a too high buyout for Rekkles. This resulted in a loss of interest from the LEC teams, and G2 Esports only lowered the buyout after every LEC team had signed their ADCs

"I Was Naive"

Even though Rekkles had a lot to say about his past treatment on G2 Esports, he also explained that he was aware that the contract he signed was terrible. 

The issue with the contract, according to Rekkles, was one condition saying that if Rekkles were benched, he would be paid minimum wage and not be able to play for two years. This meant he would go from 100% payment to 6% and still be under a two-year contract. 

 I understood the contract. I wouldn’t say they took advantage of me. I think I was just naive to believe that no matter what, we would make this thing work.  

"They Fucked Me Over"

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Even though Rekkles was aware of the terms from G2, he told his lawyer G2 Esports would not bench him because he would play well and that this agreement would last until his retirement. But, as we know, G2 Esports had other plans:

So I understood that part of the contract fully. But I was just naive to believe that they wouldn’t f*ck me over. They f*cked me over.

G2 Esports benched Rekkles, and if he decided to continue to play, he would get close to no money and sit and wait to play for two years. Despite the low payment, Rekkles' main concern was not the money but the fact that he would not be able to compete for the following years

Where Will Rekkles Go Next? 

It is still not sure where Rekkles will go next. When G2 Esports sold Rekkles to Karmine Corp, the French team invested a lot of money into the Swedish bot laner, and now they want their money back. 

This means that Rekkles' buyout is still relatively high and that the LEC teams have to be willing to invest a lot of money into a player who has not spent his last year in the top division in Europe. 

Rekkles is aware of the situation he is in and even said he would be open to role swap to support.

It will be exciting to see where Rekkles ends up next year. Do you think he will secure a spot in the LEC, or do you think fate has other plans for him? 

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