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How do we unlock these things?

What Are Masterwork and Showcase Milestones?

Masterwork and Showcase Milestones
Time for Riot to take my money. | © Riot Games

Riot has been hard at work to bring us a new way to enjoy mythic and unique content in League of Legends The first phase was the inclusion of a brand new mythic shop with some cool unique new skins, but that was only part 1 of the whole thing. Now, Riot is getting ready to launch the second part of its mythic overhaul — Masterwork and Showcase Milestones. 

What are these milestones, though? How do you unlock them, and what can you get with them? Thanks to the Eclipse event in the client, we have our first look at the way the Showcase Milestones will work and how they will affect us as players. 

What Are Masterwork Milestones?

We all know what Masterwork chests are, right? They are not the same thing as Hextech Chests, which you can earn for free. Masterwork chests can only be obtained by purchasing them. So, what does this have to do with these new 'Masterwork Milestones'? Well, Riot has decided to introduce a type of battle pass tracks for your Masterwork chests. This means that opening chests you earn rewards at certain points. 

What Are the Masterwork Milestones Rewards? 

This reward track is infinitely repeatable. So, no matter how many Masterwork chests you open, the track will repeat over and over again when complete. One track encompasses 25 Masterwork chests opened. Here are the rewards you can earn. 

  • 5 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and one skin shard of any tier
  • 10 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 15 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and one 975 RP+ tier skin shard
  • 20 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 25 Masterwork Chests: 10 Mythic Essence and one 1350+ RP (Epic) tier skin shard

But that isn't the only thing being added in phase 2 of the mythic content overhaul. Riot has another battle pass track Riot is implementing and that is the Showcase Milestones track. 

What Are Showcase Milestones? 

This concept is very similar to the one mentioned above. Instead of Masterwork chests, though, this battle pass track encompasses opening capsules from certain in-client events. For the first Showcase Milestones battle pass track, opening Eclipse capsules will enable you to gain goodies in game. Thankfully, Riot is giving away one Eclipse 2022 event capsule for free, so you can earn a new icon. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that orbs do not count as capsules and will not count towards the battle pass track. 

What Are the Showcase Milestone Rewards? 

As mentioned, by opening event capsules, you'll be able to earn other rewards as well. Everyone who manages to play a few games of League of Legends can gain one event capsule for free and kick off their Showcase Milestone track. 

These are the Showcase Milestone Rewards for the 2022 Eclipse Event

  • 1 Capsule: Eclipse Knight 2022 Icon
  • 3 Capsules: Prestige Eclipse Knight Senna Emote + 5 Mythic Essence
  • 5 Capsules: Random Eclipse 2022 Epic Skin Permanent (Lunar Eclipse Aatrox, Lunar Eclipse Senna, Solar Eclipse Sejuani, Sun-Eater Kayle) + 15 Mythic Essence
  • 10 Capsules: Random Eclipse 2022 Epic Skin Permanent + 20 Mythic Essence
  • 15 Capsules: Random Eclipse 2022 Epic Skin Permanent + 25 Mythic Essence
  • 20 Capsules: Random Eclipse 2022 Epic Skin Permanent + Eclipse 2022 Grab Bag + 30 Mythic Essence
  • 25 Capsules: 2 Eclipse 2022 Grab Bags + 30 Mythic Essence

Can You Always Get Showcase Milestone Rewards? 

These rewards are only available during an event and while the event capsules are valid. So, if you are willing to spend some money to get as many skin shards, some mythic essence and guaranteed Eclipse skins, then you've got 14 days from April 28, 2022 onwards to open 25 Eclipse chests. There are other events on the horizon though, like one for High Noon and another for Star Guardians, so maybe keep your money for now. Who knows, you could get that epic new Mordekaiser skin.