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Doinb Reveals Why He Is taking a Break From Professional LoL

News 13-12-2022 16:40
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Will Doinb return to the pro stage? | © Riot Games

The former League of Legends World Champion Doinb looks to take a break from the professional scene in 2023. 

Already in November, it was revealed that Kim"Doinb" Tae-sang would not be competing alongside his former teammates in LNG, and he was confirmed to be a free agent.

Even though many fans believed they would see the mid laner in a new team next year, Doinb has now confirmed he will not compete and instead take a temporary break from the professional League of Legends scene in 2023.  

Why Is Doinb Taking a Break?

In a recent stream, Doinb explained why he has decided to take a step back from competing. 

I lost confidence after this year. Last year you ask me if I could take bunch of young talents to Worlds, I would say yes. Now I won't say so. So after talking with the team, I decide to rest and gain confidence.

As we can see, Doinb is unhappy with his recent performance and looks to improve his confidence before returning to the LPL. The mid laner has built quite a name for himself throughout his career and is mainly known for his time in FunPlus Phoenix where he and his teammates managed to win Worlds back in 2019 after dominating G2 Esports in the finals. 

This year, Doinb and LNG finished fourth place in the LPL Summer PLayoffs 2022 and failed to qualify for Worlds after a close match against RNG in the LPL Regional Finals.

There is no indication of when Doinb will be back, but he will accept whatever time it takes in order to regain his confidence. 

There are other teams contacting me other than LNG. For me, I need to join a team that can win Championships, I can't join a team that is not going to perform. Now I need time to regain confidence. For how long? Might be short, might be long.

The star mid laner later revealed that if he were to go back to the professional League of Legends scene, LNG would definitely be his first choice, as he was happy when he played there.

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