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History Repeats Itself - Is Gen. G Destined to Win Worlds 2022?

News 12-09-2022 13:10
Samsung Worlds 2017
Samsung Galaxy (now Gen. G) won worlds in 2017. | © Riot Games

The Groups for Worlds 2022 are determined, and we took a look back in the past and saw some interesting patterns. Is Gen. G destined to win Worlds this year? 

With the summer split coming to an end in the different regions this weekend, the various groups for Worlds 2022 are finally determined. But, of course, some teams were luckier than others. And honestly, it seems like 100 Thieves were somewhat fortunate to end second in the LCS, as North America’s first seed, Cloud9, ended up in Group A with EDG (LPL’s third seed) and T1 (LCK’s second seed). 

Upon a closer look at Group A, we are ultimately thrown back to 2017 with an almost identical group. Looking back, we find C9 in a group with SK Telecom T1, EDward Gaming, and ahq eSport club.

Group A 2017

Group A 2022






As we can see, we have an interesting scenario in which the three teams, C9, EDG, and T1, are placed in the exact same group as they were in 2017. If this isn’t crazy enough for you, there is a chance we get a complete repetition of Group A from 2017, as the team that bought the ahq spot in PCS, Beyond Gaming, could be placed in Group A as well if they make play-ins. 

Now, because of the carbon copy of Group A this year, we could have a year where the past patterns repeat themselves. But if we are bound to have a World Championship where past history is repeated, which team will eventually end up with the new Summoner’s Cup?

Back in 2017, Samsung Galaxy were the World champions, with SKT ending second and RNG third. If you are new to the League of Legends esports scene, you might not have heard of Samsung Galaxy, as they ended up selling their LCK spot to KSV, later known as Gen.G, after winning Worlds 2017. 

Does this mean Gen. G will win Worlds 2022? If you believe in destiny, the stars do seem to align themselves for Gen.G this season. But even if you don’t believe in fate, Gen. G winning worlds is not unlikely. The team dominated the LCK, finishing first place in their region after a clean 3-0 vs. T1.  

LCK and LPL are always clear favorites in Worlds, and even LPL star mid laner, Doinb, seems to have a lot of respect for the organization. So who do you believe will bring back the title as the World Champions of 2022 in League of Legends?

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