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Warwick is a banger

LoL Skins: New Winterblessed Skins: Price, Champions & Release

News 09-12-2022 15:40
Zilean Polaris Skin
Finally! | © Riot Games

The curse of 1,000 days has finally ended. All good things come in threes, but we're pretty sure Riot is going to have our man Zilean go skin-less for another 1,000 days, right? Okay, but let's not be the Debby downers right now, because he finally got a new skin and it looks sick! 

Riot just revealed the batch of skins that will close out the year 2022 and take us into 2023. The upcoming Winterblessed skins are unlike any Winter Wonder/Snowdown Showdown skins we've had before, giving us a grittier edge to the snowy and calm world of Winter. So let's go over the upcoming skin details right now. 

New LoL Winterblessed Skins: Champions Receiving Skins

The Winterblessed skins will be coming out quite soon and six champions are going to receive these skins. As already mentioned, Zilean is one of the champions and you can already spot the skin in the header image. But who are the other five champions? 

  • Winterblessed Zilean
  • Winterblessed Zoe
  • Winterblessed Shaco
  • Winterblessed Swain
  • Winterblessed Diana
  • Winterblessed Warwick
    • Winterblessed Warwick Prestige Edition

Warwick will be getting a prestige skin. He is going to be the first non-human champion to receive a prestige skin since the change to more 'high fashion prestige skins' and if we're being honest it kind of looks amazing. For a moment I finally understood what the Furries were all about, but thankfully my colleagues quickly snapped me out of it and brought me back to reality. 

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Will We Get a Return of the Winter Map?

Whether the Winter Map will be coming back to Summoner's Rift has not been confirmed yet. We do know that we can get it through a mod, but nothing official from Riot has been announced regarding the Winter Wonder map. Most fans do want the winter map back though, so we can only hope... but let's be real we also didn't get Nexus Blitz for the Spirit Blossom event, so we doubt we will get the Winter Map back... 

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Winterblessed Event

We will be getting an event as well with these new skins. Everything you need to know about the LoL Winterblessed event can be found right here at our Winterblessed LoL Event hub

How Much Will the Winterblessed Skins Cost?

These skins will all be 1350 RP. They are epic tier skins so they shouldn't cost more.  Of course, we will be getting a prestige skin which will be more pricey, but you will have to get the event pass for the winter event and farm up tokens to receive this skin. 

Riot will likely be putting on one more event for the year with these skins as the main focus. Hopefully you will have enough RP so you can get the pass and earn yourself a Winterblessed Warwick Prestige edition. It would just be a shame to pass it up, right? 

Diana Legendary Skin

Diana will finally receive her first ever legendary skin in this skin line. Who would have thought it would finally happen? Honestly, the Winterblessed Diana skin looks and feels amazing so it's worth it if you're looking to spend a little more at the end of the year. 

Winterblessed Skins 2022: Release Date

The Winterblessed skins will release in LoL Patch 12.23. It's important to keep in mind, that while Patches usually release every two weeks, Patch 12.22 is going to be a 3-week patch so you'll be receiving these skins early December. Patch 12.23 is set to drop on December 7, 2022 which means the skins are going to be available for purchase on December 8, 2022. 

Make sure to get into the winter spirit with these skins and pick one up. Give our man Zilean some love so Riot knows that even skins for old men with white beards can sell. This is the champions' second Winter themed skin, with him picking up a Saint Zilean skin early on in his creation. 

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