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Nuguri Leaves DWG KIA - Again

News 16-11-2022 14:40
Who will take his place? | © Riot Games

After almost a year with the team, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon will not play for DWG KIA going into next year and is free to look for other options. 

The year is 2020 and DAMWON just won the League of Legends World Championship against the Chinese team Suning. The victorious roster consisted of Nuguri, ShowMaker, BeryL, Canyon, and Ghost.  However, after their success on the international stage, Nuguri and DWG KIA still decided it was time to part ways. 

Since then, Nuguri has spent his time with FunPlus Phoenix, where he got second place in the LPL 2021 Summer Split. Now, a second place in the LPL is not half bad. However, Nuguri and FPX had some heartbreaking results in Worlds 2021. The team did not even make it out of the Group Stage, ending 2-4 in Group A. If that wasn't bad enough, he had been defeated by his former team, DWG KIA.

Turning our eyes to this year, DWG and Nuguri reunited once again, and the team managed to qualify for Worlds 2022 after winning the LCK Regional Qualifiers. For Nnuguri, 2022 showed some progress from last year. Nevertheless, the team lost against Gen. G in the first round of the Knockout Stage and had to return back home to the LCK. 

DWG KIA Announces Nuguri and Burdol's Departure from the Team 

On Twitter, DWG KIA has confirmed they are letting their two top laners, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gown and Noh ‘Burdol’ Tae-yoon, go. Nuguri has been the starting top laner for DWG, but Burdol has also had his fair share of victories with the team, like the Regional Finals against Liiv Sandbox.

In the announcement, the team shares their gratitude towards Nuguri and wishes him well for his future endeavors. It is still not sure where the top laner will end up for the following year.

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