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Jankos Set to Join Team Heretics

News 15-11-2022 16:13
Anyone else thinks it will be strange seeing Jankos in a new team? | © Riot Games

For a long while, it looked like the star jungler Jankos would be teamless going into 2023. However, the future of the former G2 player will now be in the hands of the new member of the LEC, Team Heretics. 

According to investigative reporter Alejandro Gomis at blix.gg, G2 Esports, and Team Heretics have reached a buyout agreement for Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski. 

The Polish jungler has been around in the LEC for quite some time and is partly known for his time in the former LEC team H2k-Gaming, but is mostly from G2 Esports. He has spent the longest time in G2 , joining in December 2017 and staying until the end of this year. 

Jankos and his former team made history in the LEC when becoming the team with the most European trophies, exceeding their rivals, Fnatic

He also was part of G2 Esport when they won the MSI in 2019. Additionally, Jankos made it to the Worlds finals the same year, losing 0:3 against FPX.

Going forward, we will likely see Jankos join the new EU squad. But who will be his teammates for the next year? 

Team Heretics Reach Verbal Agreement with LJL-Star Evi

Evi dfm
Evi with his signature pose. | © Riot Games

Team Heretics is going into its debut year with a bang after surprising everyone by reaching a verbal agreement with none other than DetonatioN FocusMe legend Shunsuke "Evi" Murase. 

The Japanese top laner has spent his entire career playing in his home country but is now looking to make a big change by joining the European newcomer Team Heretics. 

The report comes from League of Legends and Valorant investigative reporter for blix.gg, Alejandro Gomis. According to Alejandro, Evi has verbally agreed with Team Heretics to become their main top laner for 2023

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Evi has been competing in the LJL for eight years but has gained the most attention in his recent team, DetonatioN FocusMe. Evi and his team made history in 2021 when they became the first Japanese team to qualify for the Worlds Group Stage. Now, if that wasn't impressive enough for you since Evi joined DFM, the team has also never missed the LJL finals

If you have not been paying much attention to the LJL lately and are not familiar with his name, you might know Evi from his one of the many funny faces he likes to make when he has a camera facing his way. He is also famously known for always making a thumbs-up in front of the cameras. 

Who Will Play Alongside Evi and Jankos in Team Heretics?

Team Heretics is a Spanish esports organization with quite an impressive showing in the LVP SL this year and later won the EU Masters 2022 Summer Main Event

The former DFM top laner will likely play with Ruby (Mid lane), Jackspektra (AD Carry), and Mersa (Support). This was reported by investigative journalist LEC Wooloo

Now that Evi is joining the European league, here is some information on how actually to pronounce his name for non-japanese fans:

LEC Caster Caedrel Reacts to the News

We are not the only ones excited to see a European team investing in a star player from a minor region. During a recent stream, LEC Caster and former XL player Marc Robert "Caedrel" Lamont shared his reaction to the news. 

When the LEC caster first saw the news, he seemed a bit confused and called it "so random." However, after pondering for a tad longer, he said this:

That is actually really insane, I think. That is really cool for the LEC. 

We look forward to welcoming Team Heretics and Evi to the LEC and are excited to see what they can offer on the main European stage. How do you think the new team will perform?

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