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The Top 10 Priority Picks in Worlds 2022

Aatrox has a 100% presence in Worlds so far. But what about the other champions? | © Riot Games

Worlds 2022 is the main topic in the League of Legends community right now. Moving into the final stage of the tournament, we are expecting to see some banger games and to finally see what team will bring forth this year's League of Legends champions. 

This year, we got to see the First Worlds Focused Patch in the history of League of Legends.

The goal of the changes was targeted for pro play specifically, and we, therefore, saw champions like Zeri, and Yuumi getting nerfed, whereas other champions like Maokai received some hefty buffs.

We are now in the final stage of the League of Legends World Championship, and we have some input on the meta so far. 

As it turns out, the patch changes done before Worlds proved successful, and we saw a more versatile meta in Worlds 2022 than in the Summer Playoffs for the various regions. 

But what champions have been the highest priority so far in Worlds? Here are the top ten champions with the highest presence in Worlds 2022. 

Aatrox Has 100% Presence in Worlds 2022 

Even though Yuumi has gotten much of the attention in this year's Worlds, Aatrox is the only champion with a 100% presence in the Group Stage. According to, Aatrox has the highest presence of all the other champions played. 

Now, Aatrox might have the highest presence in Worlds 2022, but he has only been picked 14 times, as he has been banned in the other 44 matches in this Group Stage. 

The champion that has been played the most often is Azir, with 23 games played, closely followed by Sylas and Aphelios, with 21 games played.

What Makes Aatrox a High-Priority Pick? 

What makes Aatrox the reigning champion when it comes to prio is his stability. The champion has no bad matchups, allowing teams to pick him blindly for the rare cases when he is left open.

In addition to his stability, he also has two pretty impactful power spikes once he hits item one and item two. This allows him to be very strong during mid-game fights for objectives and general skirmishes.

Here Are the Top 10 Champions with the Highest presence

ChampionPresencePicks | BansWin Rate

14 | 40

2.Maokai96%18 | 2428%
3.Yuumi93%6 | 44100%
4.Sejuani91%17 | 3259%
5.Azir87%23 | 2448%
6. Caitlyn83%6 | 3950%
7.Graves76%19 | 2253%
8.Sylas72%21 | 1881%
9.Akali59%17 | 1553%
10.Lucian57%19 | 1263%

As we can see, the top three highest-priority champions for this year's Worlds are Aatrox, Maokai, and Yuumi

As aforementioned, Yuumi gained a lot of attention during Worlds because of her 100% win rate. In addition to her infamous heal, the magical cat also deals an immense amount of damage now with barely any items. 

Even though her win rate is very high, it is important to mention that she has only been picked in six Worlds games, in contrast to most of the other champions on this list who have been played around 20 times.

In contrast, we find Maokai with the second highest priority. He, on the other hand, only has a 28% win rate so far in Worlds 2022. Nevertheless, Maokai has seen some significant changes for the LoL World Champions and has become one of the most considerable flex picks this year. 

As we can see from the list, we have champions from every role having high prio, and it will be exciting to see if the list will change for the final stage or if the meta is pretty much set by now. 

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