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Sources: Targamas Replaced for LEC Spring Split 2023

News 16-02-2023 13:10
Targamas excel winter split
LOL: Will he return to the LEC in Spring? | © Riot Games

After a highly underwhelming performance in the LEC Winter Split 202, Excel Esports has reportedly decided to change out their current support Targamas before heading into the LEC Spring Split. But who will be his replacement?

If you have watched the first stage of the LEC Winter Split 2023, you know what I am talking about when I say Excel Esports fell far below the fans and experts' expectations. This roster was stacked with experienced players, two of which had made it to the League of Legends World Championship the year before. Additionally, their top laner, Odoamne, belonged to the former champions in Europe, Rogue, that won the LEC Summer Split Finals against G2 Esports in Malmö. 

Before the LEC Winter Split 2023 began, Excel decided to change out all of their former players besides their bot laner Patrik "Patrik" Jírů. Now their roster consisted of Odoamne, Xerxe, Vetheo, Partik, and last but not least, Targamas. 

As already mentioned, these are all players with prior experience in the LEC, and many believed they could be one of the top teams in Europe. I dare say at least no one expected this team to finish in last place, but that is exactly what they did. 

At the end of the Split, Excel had only managed to gain one win out of their nine games. Even though some of the games were a complete stomp from beginning to end, there were lots of matches with Excel where the team looked to have the lead but eventually made huge mistakes that led to them losing the game in the end. 

This this is, of course, very upsetting for the Excel fans but also for the players and staff. After the run was over for Excel Esports, their CEO apologized for their weak performance. He also made a promise to do whatever it takes to get back up for the upcoming Spring Split. 

Targamas Looks to Be an Inactive Part of Excel's Roster in 2023

Targamas lec 2022
LEC: Targamas used to play for G2 Esports before joining Excel. | © Riot Games

Even though the LEC Winter Split 2023 is still very much up and running, it looks like Excel Esports has already started to set plans for the next Split. 

According to, Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé has reached an agreement with XL and will not be their support in the upcoming Split. As a result, he will now be an inactive part of the Excel roster

This is not the first change Excel has decided to go through with after its devastating performance in the past Split. Excel also looks to part ways with a major part of its coaching staff

Before ending 1-8 with Excel in the LEC Winter Split, Targamas was part of G2 Esports together with his duo Flakked. In his time with G2, Targamas won the LEC Spring Split 2022 and finished second place in the Summer of the same year. 

It looks like Excel Esports and G2 decided to do a support swap before the LEC Winter Split 2023, where Mikyx returned to G2 Esports to play with his former teammate Hans Sama and Excel got Targamas in exchange. 

Limit Takes the Stage: Excel's New Support for LEC Spring Split 2023

Lec limit bds
Is a new support that Excel Esports need? | © Riot Games

It is clear that some changes have to be made after such a poor split, and it looks like Excel Esports believes changing its support can bring them in the right direction. 

Again according to, sources say Excel Esports' new support for the LEC Spring Split 2023 will be none other than Limit. The Croatian support has been part of the LEC since 2020, playing for SK Gaming,  Schalke 04 and lastly, Team BDS

For the LEC Winter Split 2023, Limit was benched by BDS, and instead, the team decided to go for Labrov as their primary support. After a split not playing in the LEC, it will be interesting to see how he will perform coming back to the main stage. 

Whether this is, a decision made because of Targamas' performance in the LEC or rather an economic decision is currently unclear. Yet, it will be exciting to follow Excel on its journey forward. Do you think they will have a chance to get back up next Split?

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